Why Isn’t My AirPods Microphone Working?

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If the microphone in your AirPod isn’t working, it’s not the top of the world. No doubt it’s irritating when you’re attempting to make a name, communicate a command, and even make a recording, solely to note that your microphone isn’t working. So, what may cause an AirPods microphone to cease working?  

Quick Answer

Many causes might be accountable in case your AirPod’s microphone isn’t working. When your AirPods microphone isn’t working, it might be that the battery is low, the microphone port is blocked, or there’s a bug within the firmware. But there are a selection of fixes you’ll be able to attempt to resolve the issue shortly. 

When you encounter points together with your AirPods microphone, they’re typically mundane and have easy fixes. Before you conclude that your AirPods are broken when the microphone stops working, you need to strive some troubleshooting methods to repair it. Keep studying to be taught some methods you should utilize to repair issues with AirPods’ mic not working. 

Table of Contents

  1. How To Fix an AirPods Mic That’s Not Working
    • Fix #1: Ensure the AirPods Are Charged 
    • Fix #2: Restart Your iPhone 
    • Fix #3: Ensure the Microphone Is Clean 
    • Fix #4: Reset and Reconnect the AirPods 
    • Fix #5: Check the Microphone Settings
  2. Conclusion 

How To Fix an AirPods Mic That’s Not Working

Sometimes when your system is in Low Power Mode, it could intrude with the conventional working of your AirPods, inflicting the microphone to cease working. And at different occasions, it might be that your AirPods are malfunctioning due to the equalizer in your system.

So, no matter the reason being that makes your AirPods mic cease working, under are some methods you’ll be able to attempt to repair the problem. 

Fix #1: Ensure the AirPods Are Charged 

One of the commonest causes your AirPods microphone stops working is as a result of they’re not charged sufficient. When your AirPods battery is low, they will begin misbehaving, primarily while you use the microphone. If you weren’t taking note of the battery degree whereas it was low, it’d look like a major problem when the battery is useless, and the microphone stops working.

So, verify your iPhone to see if the AirPods are nonetheless related; if not, it implies that the AirPods are off. Or higher nonetheless, return the AirPods to the charging case for them to have sufficient energy to work usually. If you’ll be able to, permit the AirPods to cost within the case for at the least half-hour earlier than you strive them once more. 

Fix #2: Restart Your iPhone 

Sometimes, the issue might be out of your system and never the AirPods. The AirPods software program driver in your iPhone or Mac might have encountered an error which is why the microphone stopped working. In such circumstances, restarting your system is the quickest method to get issues again up and working. 

To restart your iPhone, press and maintain the energy button for five seconds or till the energy slider seems. Slide the ability slider to the suitable, and press the ability button once more to energy on the iPhone. 

Fix #3: Ensure the Microphone Is Clean 

It might be that your AirPods microphone isn’t working as a result of one thing is obstructing the microphone port. So, examine the AirPods to see if something is masking the microphone port. You will discover the microphone port on the finish of the stem near your mouth. 

If the port appears to be like clogged with grime, lint, or grime, or there may be some overseas matter, rigorously clear it. You can use a dry cotton swab to wash the microphone ports or a soft-bristled brush to take away the particles. 

Fix #4: Reset and Reconnect the AirPods 

Another factor you are able to do is disconnect the AirPods out of your iPhone and reconnect it. Or you’ll be able to even attempt to reset your AirPods; maybe that can repair the issue. 

To reset your AirPods put them within the charging case, shut the lid, and depart them for 30 seconds. And in your iPhone, open the Settings app, and click on on “Bluetooth”. Turn the Bluetooth choice off, after which click on on the “i” icon beside your AirPods title. Click on “Forget this device” and make sure the motion. Next, seek for Bluetooth gadgets shut by, faucet in your AirPods, and reconnect to them. 

Fix #5: Check the Microphone Settings

You also needs to verify the microphone settings in your iPhone for the AirPods. Note that there’s a microphone in each AirPods, however by default, they’re designed to make use of one within the optimum earbud. But you’ll be able to specify which earbud microphone you all the time need to use. But for one of the best outcome, you need to let AirPods swap microphones routinely.

To verify which settings you’ve got in your AirPods, launch the Settings app and click on on “Bluetooth”. Find your AirPods from the Bluetooth system listing and faucet on the “i” icon subsequent to the title. Select “Microphone”, and on the “Microphone” web page, click on on routinely swap AirPods, set it to swap AirPods routinely, then strive utilizing the AirPods once more. 

Keep in Mind

If you’re utilizing an iOS 16 or later model, you’ll be able to entry your AirPods settings from the Settings app; faucet on the AirPods banner or the “i” icon beside your AirPods title.


Overall, if the issue persists after attempting every little thing we highlighted on this article, it might be that your AirPods are defective. Particularly if the AirPods are displayed as related to your iPhone, however you can not use the microphone for something, together with calls, recording, or saying a command. 

You ought to contact Apple’s buyer help to see if you’re eligible for a repair or replacement. Some fashions of Apple AirPods are eligible free of charge providers for sound points. If you’ve got an AppleCare guarantee, you will get a alternative AirPods which might take a couple of week to finish. 

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