Why Is My Router Blinking?

Router LED Light Indicators

Since all of us dwell in a up to date society, the web has turn into a necessity for everyone. We depend on it for nearly all the pieces we do — working our good units, ordering meals, sending emails, working from dwelling, and so on. However, a router is a precious piece of digital gadget present in most houses and workplaces to entry the web. Its companies are an entry level to ship and obtain knowledge on pc networks. So, what does it imply when a router is blinking? 

Quick Answer

Typically, most routers have about 4 indicator lights. Some of those indicators blink, whereas some don’t. But these indicators that blink might point out that you simply simply powered in your router, there’s an energetic web exercise, or there’s a pending firmware replace

It’s regular to see lights over the icons in your router. Some of those icons could also be off, relying on what you’re doing together with your router. Keep studying to be taught extra about why your router indicator is blinking. 

Table of Contents

  1. Reasons Your Router Is Blinking 
    • Reason #1: Powering On
    • Reason #2: Active Internet Activity
    • Reason #3: Firmware Update 
  2. What Does the Color on Your Router Mean? 
    • Color #1: Green 
    • Color #2: Yellow 
    • Color #3: Red 
    • Color #4: Black/No Color 
  3. Conclusion 

Reasons Your Router Is Blinking 

There are a number of causes you might be experiencing blinking lights on a router. What the blinking mild represents relies on the indicator that’s blinking. Also, the colour of the blinking mild has so much to do with what it means. 

Below we have a look at three doable causes your router could also be blinking.  

Reason #1: Powering On

Whenever your change in your router, the energy on indicator will blink, indicating that you’ve got efficiently powered on the router. In most instances, the facility on indicator will preserve blinking till the router has efficiently come up. And when the router has efficiently powered on, it would cease blinking. 

The energy on indicator mild on most routers is purple. However, the purple indicator on routers might imply different issues. You can absolutely inform it’s the power-on indicator when it’s positioned beneath the facility icon

Reason #2: Active Internet Activity

Another frequent purpose the sunshine in your router is blinking may very well be as a result of there’s energetic web exercise. When your router is sending or receiving knowledge with the web, the web router will blink. The colour of the sunshine that blinks relies on the kind of connection you’re utilizing. 

If you’re utilizing Wi-Fi, the indicator mild will blink inexperienced on some routers, whereas if you’re utilizing WLAN, the sunshine would possibly blink yellow. Sometimes, the sunshine could blink slowly, and someday it’d blink quicker. On some routers, when the indicator blinks slowly, it means the web connection is weak, whereas when it blinks quicker, it means the web connection is stronger. 

Reason #3: Firmware Update 

Also, the indicator mild will blink if there’s a firmware replace in your router. In this case, it’s best to deal with it with urgency. When you don’t replace the firmware in your router, it exposes it to all kinds of bugs and malware. So, everytime you discover your router blinking as a result of there’s a firmware replace, it’s best to replace it. 

On some routers, you’ll know there’s a firmware replace when the indicator mild blinks yellow or ember. However, your router’s yellow or amber colour indicator can imply one thing else. But to make certain if there’s an replace or not, log in as an administrator and make sure if you must do any replace.

What Does the Color on Your Router Mean? 

All routers are usually not the identical! There is a lack of standardization of sure indicators within the router manufacturing business. As such, producers don’t have a tendency to stay to utilizing particular indicator colours to depict the identical factor. So, the which means of a colour on a router relies on the model and mannequin of the router. 

However, based mostly on probably the most generally used routers, under, we talked concerning the totally different indicator colours on routers. We additionally defined what every indicator mild colour means on a router. 

Color #1: Green 

Most routers include inexperienced indicator lights. The inexperienced indicator mild could be stable or flashing. In most instances, if you energy on a router, the indicator modifications to a stable inexperienced. When there’s a inexperienced mild in your router, it means all the pieces is working completely. 

The inexperienced indicator mild can imply that knowledge between the net and the router is upstream and downstream. A inexperienced indicator mild may imply that the router is linked to the ISP core community. Also, when the modem is prepared to connect with a WLAN or linked to a WPS-compatible system, it would show a inexperienced indicator mild. 

Color #2: Yellow 

Another colour on most routers is the yellow, amber, or orange indicator. This indicator alerts that there’s a drawback with the web connection. It is commonly a warning signal that you could be must verify your router to make sure all the pieces is working completely. 

A yellow mild might imply that the Wi-Fi radiofrequency is disabled. On some routers, a yellow indicator mild might imply that the modem is connecting to a WPS-compatible system. If you’re linked to the router through an Ethernet cable and spot a yellow indicator mild is on, it might imply an issue with the Ethernet connection. 

Color #3: Red 

Sometimes, you might even see a purple indicator in your router. A purple indicator in your router means that there’s a difficulty together with your router. The purple indicator mild will come on when there’s no web connection in your router. Other occasions, the purple indicator in your router comes up if you energy on your router. 

If a router can’t detect an ISP core community, it signifies it by turning on the purple mild. Sometimes, the purple mild on some routers’ fashions means it must be authenticated. Or, when your router is weak to safety threats, the purple mild might activate with a stable purple or blinking purple indicator. 

Color #4: Black/No Color 

Finally, when there isn’t a colour displayed in your router, it might imply that the router is just not turned on or not plugged into an influence supply. In such a case, you may verify your router’s energy cable to make sure it’s not defective. Other occasions, colour is absent in your router’s indicator as a result of it’s not linked to an ISP core community.  

When the web mild is black, it’s not but arrange or programmed with a password or an SSID. Hence, you wouldn’t be capable to use it to connect with a community till you program it. If the Ethernet mild is black, it signifies that no system is linked to any Ethernet port. 

Key Takeaway

The which means of an indicator mild on a router varies relying on the model and mannequin of the router. So, the blinking mild doesn’t imply there’s any catastrophic failure. Familiarize your self with the router and perceive why this stuff are occurring, as this can assist you simply pinpoint the difficulty if it occurs once more.


Overall, when the indicator mild in your router is blinking, it doesn’t essentially imply it’s one thing dangerous. Sometimes it’s a good factor your router is blinking, and different occasions it might imply there’s an error or one thing requiring your consideration. 

As we elaborated on this information, totally different indicator mild colours in your router have totally different meanings. So, it’s best to know when it requires you to take motion and when it’s best to ignore it.

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