Why Is My Power Supply Making Noise?

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Unlike your laptop, which is inclined to {hardware} and software program points, you recognize that any drawback along with your energy provide unit (PSU) is {hardware} associated. Although energy provide noise is sort of frequent in older PSU fashions, newer fashions are normally quieter, and constant noise normally signifies one thing is defective and is due for fixing.

Quick Answer

Your energy provide is making noise due to one of many following causes: the screws usually are not tightened adequately to the PSU case; obstacles are blocking the PSU fan from transferring freely; the PSU fan is worn out; the vent is clogged, which prevents the free motion of air out and in of the PSU; or your laptop is drawing extra energy than the PSU can present.

We will define the 5 most typical causes your PSU is making noise. We may also clarify how one can repair your PSU to eradicate the noise and make it work in optimum situation.

Table of Contents

  1. Five Reasons Your PSU Is Making Noise
    • Screws Aren’t Properly Tightened
    • Obstacles on the PSU Fan
    • Clogged Vents
    • Worn Out PSU Fan
    • Running Power-Intensive Programs on Your PC
  2. How To Fix a Noisy PSU
    • Tighten Loose Screws
    • Remove Obstacles on the Fan
    • Clean the Vents
    • Replace the Worn-Out Fan
    • Don’t Overwork or Overload Your PSU
  3. Conclusion

Five Reasons Your PSU Is Making Noise

In a traditional machine, as soon as the machine begins to work and generate warmth inside its inside parts, its fan will suck in cool air from the encompassing by way of its vent and funky the machine’s inside parts earlier than it blows out the nice and cozy air by way of its outlet vent. The PSU follows this course of and completes it quietly more often than not.

You can normally hint the reason for the noise in your energy provide unit to the fan. It turns into noisy when the fan overworks to expel warmth from the PSU. Whether extra warmth is being generated than the fan can cool or one thing is stopping air consumption, every little thing revolves across the fan. We’ve provide you with 5 frequent causes your PSU is making noise.

Screws Aren’t Properly Tightened

Screws assist to lock the inner parts of the facility provide unit to the case. This is crucial for transferring components within the PSU, just like the fan, to attain seamless rotational movement. 

When the screws are unfastened or absent, the fan vibrates extra usually, and the transferring components are displaced from their place. The results of a unfastened or absent screw could cause the facility provide unit to make a noise. Loose or absent screws within the PSU is extra frequent than you assume and comparatively simple to repair.

Obstacles on the PSU Fan

Although a protecting fan grill protects the fan blades, we can’t rule out the chance that an impediment made its strategy to the blades and is inflicting the facility provide noise. The impediment is likely to be an exterior object that made its manner by way of the fan grill or an inside part that received entangled with the fan blades. 

Clogged Vents

When the PSU provides energy to the pc, it generates a certain quantity of warmth vitality. The nearer the PSU reaches its most capability, the extra warmth it generates. The PSU fan then sucks in air from the atmosphere by way of its inlet vent and cools its inside parts earlier than blowing out heat air by way of the outlet vent. 

This is a straightforward course of and is normally seamless, however issues come up when the vents are blocked by mud, particles, and different obstacles, that forestall or limit air passage. To remedy this drawback, the fan begins to overwork itself to eradicate the rising warmth inside the PSU. The sooner the fan works, the extra noise the PSU makes.

Worn Out PSU Fan

When your fan has been working with out correct upkeep for a very long time, you threat carrying it out. A fan near the tip of its cycle normally makes a noise when it really works. A worn-out fan finds it troublesome to chill the facility provide unit, and it’s a probably reason for the PSU noise.

Running Power-Intensive Programs on Your PC

For optimum efficiency, don’t push or exceed the boundaries of your PSU capability. When you run power-intensive applications in your PC, the PSU has to work to its capability to ship extra energy. More warmth is generated, and the fan has to run sooner to chill the PSU.

When the pc wants extra energy than the PSU can ship, the fan must overwork itself, and this could trigger your energy provide unit to start out making noise. This additionally occurs while you’ve been working your PSU for a very long time with out relaxation. For finest outcomes, enable your PSU to relaxation for a number of hours, and don’t push or exceed its wattage limits.     

How To Fix a Noisy PSU

Here are some fixes to the commonest causes for a loud PSU. Let’s undergo them one after the other.

Tighten Loose Screws

Once you understand that the noise outcomes from unfastened or absent screws in your PSU, get a screwdriver and tighten the unfastened screws. Check the inner and exterior parts of your PSU and repair any lacking screws. Make certain it’s well-tightened to the PSU case.

Remove Obstacles on the Fan

If it’s an exterior impediment, take away it with out taking aside the PSU. If the impediment is an inside one, take the PSU aside with a screwdriver, take away the impediment, and reassemble the PSU.

Clean the Vents

With a screwdriver, a can of compressed air, and a few cotton buds, you possibly can take away mud or particles from the vents and permit correct passage of air into and out of the PSU. You ought to do that recurrently to take care of the PSU and never simply when it malfunctions.

Replace the Worn-Out Fan

If your fan has reached the tip of its life cycle, take it to a technician to interchange it.

Don’t Overwork or Overload Your PSU

If you understand that your laptop wants extra energy than your PSU can provide, get a brand new PSU, or don’t run power-intensive video games in your PC whereas utilizing the PSU. You also needs to enable your PSU to relaxation at intervals so that you don’t overwork it.


A loud PSU is normally brought on by a malfunction that requires fixing. Thankfully, this text has addressed the frequent causes and the methods to repair them. Some of those fixes require taking the PSU aside. To be safer, seek the advice of an expert should you can’t take your PSU aside.

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