Why Is My Mouse Stuttering?

The cursor or mouse pointer strikes throughout the display everytime you transfer your mouse. However, the cursor or pointer typically strikes opposite or erratically to your mouse motion. This spike in response time can influence your productiveness negatively. But why is the mouse stuttering? 

Quick Answer

Several causes could cause a mouse to stutter. Most of the time, a mouse stutter is usually because of a mouse-related situation or a Windows settings downside. For instance, your mouse might stutter because of driver points, connectivity points, misconfigured settings, low battery, and mouse injury, amongst different issues. 

But the excellent news is that in case your mouse is stuttering, you may repair it for those who can diagnose the underlying trigger. This article elaborates extra on the causes of mouse stuttering. 

Table of Contents

  1. Reasons Your Mouse Stutters 
    • Reason #1: Outdated Mouse Drivers 
    • Reason #2: Connectivity Issues 
    • Reason #3: Damaged Mouse 
    • Reason #4: Low Battery 
    • Reason #5: Misconfigured Settings 
    • Reason #6: Uneven Surface 
  2. Conclusion 
  3. Frequently Asked Questions 

Reasons Your Mouse Stutters 

When you may decide the reason for a stuttering mouse, it is possible for you to to discover a solution to repair it. In this part, we speak about six of the commonest causes of a stuttering mouse. 

Reason #1: Outdated Mouse Drivers 

One main reason behind mouse stuttering is when your mouse driver is outdated. If your mouse driver will get too previous or corrupt, it could trigger the mouse to stutter. The mouse driver in your PC is crucial for permitting the mouse to work together along with your laptop. So, if the mouse driver will get corrupted, it impacts how the mouse interacts along with your laptop. Hence, when your mouse begins to stutter, the very first thing you need to examine is that if your mouse driver is outdated. You can repair this situation by eradicating and reinstalling the mouse driver in your PC after which rebooting your PC. 

Reason #2: Connectivity Issues 

Another purpose your mouse could also be stuttering is a connectivity situation. The wi-fi connection between your PC and mouse fluctuates, inflicting the stutter. If you might be utilizing a wi-fi mouse, you’ll probably expertise this situation. This is as a result of the wi-fi connection just isn’t all the time reliable and typically could fluctuate. 

To repair this situation, you will need to reboot the mouse and your PC. Another approach round this problem is switching from a wi-fi to a wired mouse. A wired mouse is extra reliable as a result of it’s linked on to the PC’s USB port. Although your mouse may additionally stutter with a wired connection, you may strive one other USB port in such a case. 

Reason #3: Damaged Mouse 

If your mouse is broken, it could additionally trigger the difficulty of stuttering. However, it depends upon what’s damaged in your mouse. If the issue is from the sensor, you haven’t any alternative however to search a alternative

Mouses are made from plastic components; though they’re sturdy, they’re nonetheless fragile. Hence, mishandling your mouse can injury it. If getting a mouse alternative just isn’t an possibility, it is best to contemplate having the mouse repaired

Reason #4: Low Battery 

Another reason behind your mouse is perhaps stuttering could possibly be due to a low battery. Wireless mice make use of a battery that could possibly be rechargeable or non-rechargeable. If the battery is rechargeable, and also you begin to discover it stuttering, it is best to recharge it. However, if the mouse doesn’t include a chargeable battery, it is best to have the battery changed. 

Alternatively, you may change from a wi-fi mouse to a wired mouse. A wired mouse doesn’t use a battery, so that you shouldn’t have any downside with recharging or altering the battery to make use of it. 

Reason #5: Misconfigured Settings 

It can be potential that your mouse is stuttering due to a misconfiguration within the settings. This could be something from misconfiguring the audio or show of your PC such that it impacts the mouse enter. 

In this case, the answer is to reset your settings and reconfigure your mouse. All it’s important to do is navigate to the settings in your PC and clear all saved enter gadgets. 

Reason #6: Uneven Surface 

Finally, it’s also potential that the mouse pad or desk you drag your mouse upon has a tough floor. It is price noting that the sensor in your mouse doesn’t operate optimally on all surfaces, particularly on uneven surfaces. So, the mouse needs to be on a easy stable floor to operate correctly. 

If the mouse pad is unusually formed and has various ranges, it could trigger the mouse cursor to misbehave. You can mitigate this problem by changing the mouse pad or utilizing the mouse on a flat, even floor for those who don’t have a mouse pad.

Keep in Mind

Touchpads additionally expertise the identical points the mouse faces when stuttering. Mouse stuttering is a function that impacts all mouse-related enter methods.


As you may see from this information, in case your mouse misbehaves, there are a few suggestions and tips you should use to get it to operate correctly. So, getting a mouse alternative just isn’t all the time the way in which ahead. Always attempt to discover a resolution to any situation you’ll have in your PC earlier than contemplating tossing your previous part and changing it with a brand new one. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Will wiping the mouse sensor repair stuttering? 

If your mouse is soiled, it can be the rationale it’s stuttering within the first place. The likelihood of the mouse sensor getting soiled is comparatively low due to the character of the design of the mouse. But if the mouse sensor will get soiled, it is best to clear it rigorously to repair the stuttering situation. When you need to clear your mouse’s sensor, use alcohol and a lint-free material as an alternative of cotton materials. 

Can a nasty energy adapter trigger mouse stuttering? 

Using a nasty energy adapter or an influence adapter not really useful to your PC may trigger mouse stuttering. Because the facility adapter just isn’t the really useful spec to your PC, it causes numerous leaking energy, which will get to different components of your PC and causes extra issues. 

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