Why Is My Apple TV Zoomed In?

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Over the years, Apple has launched a number of variations of the Apple TV, every with superior options and capabilities. The zoom functionality is a function on Apple TVs that is useful not just for folks with visible impairment however everybody. Apple designed this function to make it simple to navigate out and in of it; nonetheless, some customers have reportedly complained that their Apple TV will get caught in zoom-in mode. So, why would an Apple TV be caught in zoom-in mode? 

Quick Answer

If your Apple TV is zoomed in, somebody most probably set it so. However, you possibly can simply take away it or regulate the zoom stage with the contact floor of your Siri distant. Also, your display screen’s calibration might be why your Apple TV seems cropped or zoomed in. 

Understandably, the zoomed-in drawback with Apple TV takes away the pleasure of your viewing expertise. Not with the ability to make out a full image of a video or picture in your display screen whereas utilizing the Apple TV due to the zoomed-in drawback might be irritating.

Luckily you possibly can simply regulate the zoom function on an Apple TV. This article elaborates on adjusting and navigating your method round a zoomed-in Apple TV. 

Table of Contents

  1. How To Fix a Zoomed In Apple TV
    • Tip #1: Use the Siri Remote 
    • Tip #2: Turn Off the Zoom Feature 
    • Tip #3: Restart Your Apple TV 
  2. Conclusion 

How To Fix a Zoomed In Apple TV

The Apple TV is a superb streaming machine with many options to present you most leisure. But an Apple TV tends to lock right into a video and would refuse to zoom out. Undoubtedly, this expertise is sort of irritating and might break your viewing expertise.

While the explanation your Apple TV is locked within the zoom-in mode is sort of imprecise, there are just a few tips you should utilize to get out of this mode or regulate it to fit your liking. Below we elaborate on 4 ideas you should utilize to resolve this difficulty. 

Tip #1: Use the Siri Remote 

Every Apple TV works with a Siri distant that comes with it while you purchase it. The Siri distant is sort of helpful for working and adjusting your Apple TV. Without the distant, there are minimal issues you are able to do together with your Apple TV by itself. So, in case you shouldn’t have entry to a Siri distant, you possibly can simply buy one from the Apple Store

When you encounter the problem of your Apple TV being zoomed in, you possibly can simply use the Siri distant to exit it. To use the Siri distant to go away zoomed mode or return to the traditional display screen, press the heart of the keypad in case you’re utilizing a second-generation Siri distant or the contact floor in case you’re utilizing the first-generation Siri distant 3 times. By doing this, your Apple TV display screen will return to regular or zoom out. 

Tip #2: Turn Off the Zoom Feature 

Another solution to exit the zoom mode in your Apple TV is to go to Settings in your Apple TV after which flip off the zoom function. However, it’s value noting that your Apple TV wouldn’t be capable to zoom in or out on something while you disable this function. 

To disable the zoom function, press the TV button in your Siri distant and faucet the Settings app in your Apple TV. In the Settings app, scroll to “General” and choose it. Navigate and choose “Accessibility”. And within the “Accessibility” possibility, scroll right down to the “Zoom” possibility and toggle the change off. 

Alternatively, to avoid wasting your self the effort of navigating the Settings app, you possibly can arrange an accessibility shortcut to rapidly activate and off the zoom function everytime you want. To arrange accessibility shortcuts, navigate to the Settings app once more, faucet “Accessibility”, after which choose “Accessibility Shortcuts. From the list of options, choose “Zoom”, and that’s it. 

Tip #3: Restart Your Apple TV 

If, after making an attempt each strategies, the issue persists, then it could possibly be that there’s an issue together with your Apple TV or your TV itself. In this case, it’s advisable to reboot your Apple TV and TV to repair the issue. But earlier than doing that, examine your Apple TV decision settings and guarantee it’s set to a stage supported by your TV. If that’s appropriate, then proceed to restart your Apple TV. 

To restart your Apple TV, press and maintain the Home and Menu buttons for 8 seconds or till you see flashes. When this occurs, enable it to reboot, and when it powers on, it ought to repair the issue and another points you is perhaps having in your Apple TV. You may strive updating your Apple TV’s firmware if an replace is out there. This will assist repair the problem or another Apple TV bug. 

Quick Tip

If you set the zoom-in possibility, nevertheless it appears too zoomed in, you possibly can press the click on pad or faucet the contact floor and drag it down or as much as regulate the magnification.


If the video or image in your Apple TV is zoomed in, you possibly can regulate it to get probably the most out of your viewing expertise. Apple included this function for a cause, and it doesn’t imply you might be caught with it. So, in case you by accident activated the zoom possibility, use the ideas on this article to exit it and revel in your viewing expertise. 

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