Why Does My Uber App Say “No Cars Available”?

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Are you in a rush and attempting desperately to order an Uber, however your app retains telling you that there are not any vehicles out there? We’ve all been there and may’t consider something extra irritating. You is perhaps questioning why you’re getting that response. And no, your app isn’t malfunctioning. The first step to fixing the answer is diagnosing the issue. 

Quick Answer

There are two principal causes your Uber app is telling you there are not any vehicles out there. The first cause is that there’s a surge in demand for Uber rides in your space, greater than the out there vehicles can deal with at that second. This could also be due to rush hour, heavy rain, and so forth. The second cause is that there aren’t sufficient drivers in your location

In this text, you’ll be taught the reply to why your Uber App says no vehicles can be found and how one can repair the issue. But first, we’ll begin with the 2 principal causes your Uber app is telling you there are not any vehicles out there.

Table of Contents

  1. Surge in Demand for Uber Cars 
    • Rush Hour
    • Heavy Rainfall
    • Public Transportation Issues
  2. Few Uber Drivers Available
    • Location
    • Time
  3. What To Do When Uber Has No Cars Available
    • Exercise Patience and Try Again
    • Move to a New Location
    • Find an Alternative
  4. Final Words

Surge in Demand for Uber Cars 

When the demand for a product will increase whereas the provision stays the identical, the product turns into more durable to seek out. Uber drivers can anticipate a sudden enhance in demand for Uber vehicles. For instance, Uber drivers could make themselves out there near an airport once they anticipate that the aircraft will land at the moment. 

The following causes may cause a surge in demand for Uber rides.

Rush Hour

This is widespread throughout the weekdays as staff attempt to get to their office with out being late, and college students attempt to get to highschool on time. During rush hour, there’s a sharp enhance in demand for Uber vehicles, and it’s more durable than ordinary to seek out out there vehicles.

Heavy Rainfall

During heavy rainfall, everybody desires to get to their vacation spot and keep away from getting moist. The finest means to do that is to order an Uber as a substitute of ready within the rain for taxis. As extra individuals order Uber in the identical location, the possibilities of discovering a driver cut back.

Public Transportation Issues

If the public transport system or the subway is being closed or delayed because of ongoing building, upkeep, or closures, many who use public transport must discover another. This will enhance the demand for Uber vehicles. 

Few Uber Drivers Available

A lower in provide also can trigger the same impact to an enhance in demand. When there are few Uber vehicles out there in a spot, you will see that it laborious to seek out an out there journey.


If you reside in main cities like New York City or Los Angeles, you will see that an abundance of Uber vehicles and can hardly come throughout the “no cars available” error in your Uber app. However, if you happen to dwell in a distant location, fewer Uber drivers are working in your location, and the possibilities of not discovering an out there automobile are excessive.


The time you order a journey additionally determines the variety of vehicles out there in your location. For instance, vehicles are more durable to seek out in the midst of the evening as a result of most Uber drivers are asleep at dwelling. Also, extra Uber drivers will probably be out there if you happen to order a journey on Friday evening as a result of the drivers will count on a rise in demand. 

You can also discover extra Uber rides out there throughout weekends. This occurs as a result of some drivers work different jobs throughout the weekdays and drive Uber throughout weekends.

What To Do When Uber Has No Cars Available

When Uber says no vehicles can be found, you don’t should cancel your outing. There are a number of choices you possibly can attempt to treatment the state of affairs.

Exercise Patience and Try Again

The smartest thing to do when Uber says there are not any vehicles out there is to attend a couple of minutes and order once more. This is as a result of beforehand busy vehicles may have offloaded their passengers and be prepared to select up the following passenger. 

Move to a New Location

If you ordered an Uber from a distant location, you won’t have the ability to discover a automobile. You can attempt to change your pick-up location on the app to a close by highway the place vehicles go frequently. If you discover a automobile within the new location, you’ll take a brief stroll to the highway to satisfy with the Uber driver. 

Find an Alternative

If you’ve tried the 2 strategies above with out success, you need to strive another. There are different ride-hailing apps you possibly can strive if Uber proves unsuccessful. You also can use public transport if all else fails. 

Final Words

Now that you recognize the issues that trigger Uber to say no vehicles can be found, you might be higher ready if it occurs to you sooner or later. With higher preparation and a plan B at hand, you’ll by no means be left stranded throughout rush hour or heavy rainfall.

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