Why Does My Gaming Chair Keep Lowering?

Gaming Chair

Are you having problem enjoying your favourite video games due to your sinking chair? There are just a few explanation why this is likely to be taking place occur.

Quick Answer

If you need to know why your gaming chair retains reducing, it is likely to be as a result of the gasoline elevate in your chair is damaged, the cylinder has develop into disconnected from the bottom, or you’ve got exceeded the chair’s weight restrict. 

To treatment your curiosity, we’ve written an intensive information explaining why your gaming chair retains reducing in a simplified method. 

Table of Contents

  1. Gaming Chair Keeps Lowering
  2. Fixing Lowering Gaming Chair
    • Method #1: Oiling the Component
    • Method #2: Using a Hose Clamp
    • Method #3: Using PVC Pipes
    • Method #4: Replacing the Pneumatic Cylinder
  3. Preventing Chair From Lowering
  4. Summary
  5. Frequently Asked Questions

Gaming Chair Keeps Lowering

If you don’t know why your gaming chair retains falling, the next 3 causes is likely to be at play.

  • The pneumatic cylinder is damaged.
  • The cylinder is disconnected from the bottom.
  • The chair’s weight restrict is exceeded.

Fixing Lowering Gaming Chair

If your gaming chair retains reducing, it doesn’t all the time imply that you could change your chair. Try our 4 easy step-by-step strategies to repair it shortly.

Method #1: Oiling the Component

Sometimes, the lever in your gaming chair is jammed as a consequence of extreme friction, inflicting it to be lowered. In such circumstances, you’ll be able to repair your chair by oiling its elements and lever to regulate it to your most popular peak stage.

Method #2: Using a Hose Clamp

If you need to cease your gaming chair from reducing, you should use a hose clamp to do it within the following approach.

  1. Using the lever, regulate the chair to your most popular stage of peak.
  2. Wrap an 8/4″ hose clamp across the cylinder.
  3. Wrap the cylinder with duct tape or scuff it utilizing sandpaper for higher grip.
  4. Tighten the hose clamp after sliding it to the prime of the cylinder.

Method #3: Using PVC Pipes

Using the next simple steps, you too can use a PVC pipe to forestall your gaming chair from sliding down.

  1. Measure the diameter of the cylinder after pulling the plastic skirt down and word the worth.
  2. Measure the cylinder’s size and word it at your most popular peak stage.
  3. Get a PVC pipe of the measured diameter and size.
  4. Cut via the size of the pipe utilizing a noticed to make a slit. Be cautious when utilizing the noticed to guard your physique components. Also, put on a masks to keep away from inhaling mud particles.
  5. Slide the plastic skirt down and snap the pipe onto the cylinder of your gaming chair to cease it from reducing.

Method #4: Replacing the Pneumatic Cylinder

If you’ve figured that the problem along with your reducing gaming chair is because of a damaged or broken pneumatic cylinder, you’ll be able to change it within the following approach.

  1. Tip your chair and lay it down horizontally.
  2. Remove the retaining clips or unscrew the bolts utilizing a wrench to disconnect the base from the chair.
  3. Lubricate the cylinder with lubricant and twist it with a wrench to take away it.
  4. Place the tapered half of the brand new pneumatic cylinder into the base and rotate it into place.
  5. Reconnect the base to the chair, and also you’re achieved.

Quick Tip

If all else fails, you’ll be able to purchase a new gaming chair and take some precautionary measures to forestall this from taking place sooner or later.

Preventing Chair From Lowering

If you’ve simply purchased a brand new gaming chair, the next ideas may also help you stop it from reducing.

  • Do not put extreme weight on the chair.
  • Do not lean again on the chair.
  • Avoid sitting on the sting of the chair for prolonged intervals.


In this information, we’ve mentioned why your gaming chair retains reducing. We have additionally mentioned the right way to repair the reducing chair subject and forestall this from taking place sooner or later.

Hopefully, your query has been answered, and you’ll comfortably play video games whereas sitting in your chair.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does a chair gasoline cylinder work?

The gasoline cylinder raises the chair’s peak utilizing a piston. Compressed gasoline is pumped via a valve and into the again of a piston. After that, the valve received’t open once more till the gasoline elevate deal with is launched and weight is utilized to the chair.

Can you refill a hydraulic chair?

Refilling the gasoline cylinder in a hydraulic chair is not doable, and in case of cylinder points, it’s higher cost-effective and time-saving to get a new chair. However, when you want to maintain the outdated chair, you’ll be able to get a alternative for the gasoline cylinder in your chair simply.

Why is my gaming chair rocking?

A rocky gaming chair would possibly happen for a wide range of causes; shortened legs because of poor assemblingfree seats, and broken wheels. Fortunately, many of those issues could be solved through the use of a furnishings tack or by eradicating and tightening screws utilizing a Philips or flat-head screwdriver.

Are gaming chairs protected?

Gaming chairs are glorious to your again, particularly when in comparison with cheaper workplace or process chairs. The typical design options in gaming chairs, corresponding to a excessive backrest and a neck pillow, all help your again whereas selling glorious posture.

Do gaming chairs break simply?

A gaming chair ought to final not less than two years with out breaking or inflicting points. Most folks can simply keep their gaming chair for as much as three to 5 years. However, varied elements, together with utilization, chair upkeep, and construct high quality, can have an effect on how lengthy a chair lasts.

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