Why Do Clear iPhone Cases Turn Yellow?

Clear Phone Case

Many individuals love to make use of a transparent smartphone casing as a result of it highlights their cellphone’s construct. But many of those clear casing in the marketplace have one widespread drawback. With time most clear smartphone casing tends to show yellow, together with these for iPhones. But why does the clear iPhone casing flip yellow? 

Quick Answer

Most iPhone clear casings are made with a cloth often called Thermoplastic Polyurethane. The nature of this polymer elastomer materials is such that when uncovered to water, grime, sweat, UV rays, and different environmental situations, they flip yellow.  

The producers use this materials as a result of it’s clear, elastic, wear-resistant, and low-cost.

This article elaborates extra on how one can stop your clear case from turning yellow. 

Table of Contents

  1. How To Prevent Your iPhone Case From Turning Yellow
    • Tip #1: Clean the Case Regularly
    • Tip #2: Keep the Case Away From Heat
    • Tip #3: Don’t Place the Case Under Direct Sunlight
  2. Alternatives to Clear TPU iPhone Cases
  3. Conclusion 

How To Prevent Your iPhone Case From Turning Yellow

Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) is the broadly used materials for making clear iPhone casing. While this materials is flexible, as soon as they grow to be yellow, the method is irreversible. So, in case you are planning on shopping for a transparent iPhone case or already personal one, one of the best you are able to do is stop it from turning yellow. 

As elaborated beneath, you should use just a few methods to maintain your clear iPhone casing from turning yellow. 

Tip #1: Clean the Case Regularly

One method you’ll be able to stop a transparent iPhone casing from turning yellow is by cleansing it commonly. Ideally, cleansing your clear iPhone casing at the very least as soon as each two days ought to assist it final twice as lengthy earlier than turning yellow. 

By cleansing the case, you might be wiping off grease and grime, contributing considerably to a transparent casing turning yellow. And one of the best half is that you just don’t even want a lot to scrub the case. You might use rubbing alcohol and a cotton ball to scrub it. Or you possibly can combine dish cleaning soap in heat soapy water and scrub it with a toothbrush to eliminate micro organism and any deposits on the casing. Also, don’t overlook to rinse the case correctly after cleansing and enable it to dry

Tip #2: Keep the Case Away From Heat

Another factor you are able to do to stop the casing from turning yellow is to maintain it away from warmth. It would assist for those who stored the case from something producing warmth, reminiscent of on high or beside electronics, like a router, TV set, leaving it within the automobile on a sizzling summer time afternoon, and so forth. Anything warmth will increase the speed at which the TPU materials utilized in making the casing turns yellow. 

So, when scalding the case with heat liquid, make sure the water will not be sizzling however heat. If the water is just too sizzling, it is going to trigger the casing to show much more yellow. 

Tip #3: Don’t Place the Case Under Direct Sunlight

While there’s not a lot you are able to do to guard the case from publicity to daylight, it’s advisable to do it. For instance, for those who determine to go to the seashore, relatively than leaving your iPhone with this clear casing mendacity on the sand immediately below the solar, it’s best to preserve it in your purse or backpack

Alternatives to Clear TPU iPhone Cases

Technically, when a TPU materials kinds a yellowish coloration, it’s not definitely worth the stress of constructing it clear once more as a result of it wouldn’t work. And even when there was a course of one might use, the price makes it impractical. It can be a lot cheaper and fewer trouble to purchase a brand new clear iPhone casing

In case you don’t need to take care of the frustration of your iPhone casing turning yellow, you’ll be able to go for several types of materials to your iPhone casing then. So, it might assist for those who shopped for a clear polycarbonate casing relatively than the normal TPU, acrylic, or silicone clear casing, which might flip yellow it doesn’t matter what. 

Unlike a TPU materials, polycarbonate materials is rather more resilient and wouldn’t flip yellow as rapidly as a TPU materials would. In different phrases, you possibly can use a transparent polycarbonate iPhone casing all through the lifetime you utilize that iPhone with out the case turning yellow. 

If a polycarbonate casing prices excessive, don’t hesitate to go for a daily coloured case. While a coloured case may not reveal your iPhone’s particulars, they’re extra interesting aesthetically. 

Quick Tip

It would possibly curiosity you that your clear iPhone casing is naturally yellow however made clear by including a little bit of blue dye, which breaks down with time, publicity to the solar, and warmth.


If you might have a transparent iPhone casing, it’s value noting that it’s going to flip yellow ultimately. And when it does flip yellow, there’s little you are able to do to make it crystal clear once more. However, you’ll be able to decelerate the speed it turns yellow through the use of the ideas shared on this article. Or, higher nonetheless, you’ll be able to go for any of the alternate options highlighted on this article. 

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