Why Are My iPhone Photos Grainy?

iPhone Photos

As an iPhone consumer, it might curiosity you at all times to seize your memorable moments and maintain them in your gadget. But how will you are feeling if the images seem a bit grainy after clicking them? You will really feel pissed off. So, chances are you’ll turn into inquisitive and want to know what could also be answerable for the form of images, though iPhone’s digicam is nice.

Quick Answer

Generally, a number of elements could make your iPhone Photos grainy. These could embrace magnets shut to the gadget, low mild, case blocking the digicam, soiled lens cowl, outdated iOS, digicam kind, and software program crashes.

You ought to keep in mind that your gadget’s digicam specs will decide the standard of your movies and images. So, if you happen to’re utilizing an older iPhone mannequin, you don’t must anticipate sharp movies and photos. Notwithstanding, if the standard of the photographs you get doesn’t correspond to the mannequin of your gadget, chances are you’ll wish to know what could possibly be accountable and the best way to repair it. 

In this piece, we’ll stroll you thru why your iPhone images are grainy and what you are able to do to cope with it.

Table of Contents

  1. What are the Causes of Grainy iPhone Photos?
  2. Methods To Fix Grainy Photos on iPhone
    • Method #1: Close the iPhone Camera App
    • Method #2: Restart Your Device
    • Method #3: Update the iOS
    • Method #4: Reset All Settings
  3. Conclusion

What are the Causes of Grainy iPhone Photos?

Why your images are grainy could also be traced to a number of causes. One of those is when magnets are near your iPhone. There are iPhone instances designed with a magnet. The pull from it could trigger interference, affecting the autofocus and picture stabilization.

Low mild may also trigger grainy iPhone images. Sufficient mild is a necessary issue when taking an image – the absence of this may make the output grainy. For occasion, if you happen to take your images in the dead of night together with your hand unstable, it may lead to a problem.

Another purpose your iPhone images are grainy is that if the case is obstructing the digicam. You could wish to verify the case of your gadget if you happen to’re dealing with challenges. This is as a result of the case could also be in the way in which of the lens, resulting in darkish, blurry, and grainy images.

Is the lens of your iPhone’s digicam soiled? This may end up in grainy images. Leaving the digicam lens for some time with out cleansing them can inevitably pose a problem. With a small smudge on the lens, the digicam’s autofocus can be thrown off, making the images blurry and grainy. 

An out-of-date iOS can have an effect on your outcomes after taking a shot utilizing your iPhone’s digicam. It is extra possible that your Camera or iOS might be infested with a bug if it’s outdated. And this may have detrimental implications on your images.

Do you discover that your iPhone images are grainy? It could also be due to the digicam kind. If your digicam has a small sensor, the grainy images concern might be persistent. A small sensor digicam isn’t very efficient in low mild circumstances as a result of it’s not delicate sufficient.

Finally, grainy iPhone images might be brought on by software program crashes. Of course, your iPhone’s Camera app is prone to software program crashes, similar to different apps in your gadget.

Methods To Fix Grainy Photos on iPhone

If you’re a sufferer of grainy iPhone images containing black coloration, spots, and sharpness, under are the strategies you possibly can undertake to cope with the problem.

Keep in Mind

The methodology to use will rely upon the supply of the issue. For magnets near the gadget or case staying in the way in which, chances are you’ll wish to take away any iPhone case with magnets inside it or the case blocking the digicam. Also, you’re anticipated to not take your pictures in low lighting or discover the digicam’s unsteadiness. If the lens is soiled, it is best to solely use a microfiber material (keep away from utilizing oily fingers to not make it blurrier).

Method #1: Close the iPhone Camera App

A glitch within the Camera app could also be why the movies and pictures you’re taking utilizing your gadget are blurry. In different phrases, you probably have at all times been having fun with your Camera app by getting good pictures of images and movies with it, however rapidly, the problem of grainy iPhone Photos erupts – it might be due to a minor bug. So, attempt to shut and reopen the Camera app.

Here’s the best way to shut and reopen the Camera app on iPhone 9/9 Plus or 8/8 Plus fashions.

  1. See the working apps by urgent and holding the Home button.
  2. Find the Camera app by swiping left or proper within the app preview.
  3. Close the app by dragging the Camera app preview up.

Here’s the best way to shut and reopen the Camera app on iPhone X or newer fashions.

  1. Visit the Home display screen.
  2. Swipe up from the display screen’s backside and pause within the middle.
  3. Close the app by dragging the Camera app up.

After a couple of moments, relaunch the Camera app and take a pattern photograph to see if the issue is solved. 

Method #2: Restart Your Device

This is an efficient methodology that may assist cope with most technical points. Besides, it’s an effective way to eradicate minor software program errors that may trigger grainy iPhone images. 

Here’s the best way to restart your iPhone.

  1. Press and maintain one of many quantity buttons and the energy button till you see the ability off slider.
  2. Turn off the gadget fully by dragging the slider to the appropriate.
  3. Hit the energy button once more after 30 seconds to activate the gadget.
  4. Open the Camera app once more after it has completed restarting to take some pattern images to see if the issue is solved.

Method #3: Update the iOS

Updating your iOS could clear up the blurry digicam if system bugs trigger it. This is as a result of bug fixes for pre-installed apps, together with cameras, are a part of the updates.

Preparing for an Update

You want enough storage, good battery life, and a dependable web connection to obtain iOS updates.

Here’s the best way to obtain iOS updates.

  1. Hit the Settings app.
  2. Click “General”.
  3. Navigate to “Software Update”.
  4. Hit “Download and Install”.
  5. Reboot the gadget after the replace if the gadget fails to reboot by itself. Then, open the Camera app to see if the issue is solved. 

Method #4: Reset All Settings

The Camera app in your gadget could malfunction if some customized settings will not be appropriately adjusted. You could wish to study the right strategy to resolve it.

Here’s the best way to reset all of your iPhone settings.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Click “General”.
  3. Navigate down and hit “Reset iPhone”.
  4. Press the “Reset” button.
  5. Click “Reset All Settings”.
  6. Type your passcode after being prompted to proceed.
  7. Confirm your determination.


Resetting your iPhone will clear each customized setting and your gadget’s present configuration and restore all choices and default values. So make sure you again up your information earlier than utilizing this methodology.


You don’t have to get pissed off whenever you see that your iPhone images are grainy. This article has unveiled why such an issue can happen and explicitly explored the best way to repair it. So attempt to know the reason for the problem and use an acceptable methodology to sort out it.

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