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PC Scrap Parts

When a pc turns into outdated or completely broken, most individuals are involved with tips on how to eliminate the junk. The good ones out of these folks take into consideration recycling pc junk to maintain the surroundings secure. However, few folks contemplate dismantling the pc and promoting the scrap. If you’re a kind of few, you’ve come to the proper place.

Quick Answer

You can promote our pc scrap to scrap yards in your locality. If you need to earn money whereas saving the surroundings, you can even promote your pc scrap to a recycling plant that gives a reward. Alternatively, you may promote your pc scrap on on-line shops like eBay and Alibaba

As you’ll discover out later on this article, not all parts of your pc are invaluable as scrap. Some components are nugatory and ought to be recycled safely. This article will enable you establish the components of your pc which might be invaluable as scrap and the place you may promote these parts.

Table of Contents

  1. What Parts of a Computer Are Valuable As Scrap?
    • Gold
    • Silver
    • Platinum
    • Copper and Aluminum
  2. Where Can You Sell Your Computer Scrap?
    • Scrap Yards in Your Locality
    • Online Marketplaces
    • Gold Recovery
    • Recycling Plants
  3. Is Gold Recovery Worth It?
  4. Final Words

What Parts of a Computer Are Valuable As Scrap?

It could come as a shock, however even scrapyards don’t settle for each junk you discover if you dismantle a pc. If the pc has some working components, you might be able to promote them to restore retailers the place they’ll make use of pc spare components. 

However, in case you intend to dismantle the pc and discover invaluable materials, you need to know that just some parts are invaluable as scrap. A few many years in the past, computer systems had been invaluable within the scrap trade since you might discover a number of treasured metals like gold, silver, and titanium if you dismantled them. 

However, trendy computer systems at the moment are constructed with inexpensive supplies like copper and aluminum. Laptops are even much less invaluable to scrapyards since you received’t discover as many treasured metals when dismantling them.

You can discover the next treasured metals in your pc parts.


This is probably the most invaluable treasured steel you will discover whereas scrapping computer systems. Older computer systems have extra gold of their inner parts than trendy computer systems as a result of the producers now attempt to change the gold with inexpensive materials. 

You can discover gold supplies in your CPU chips, printed circuit boards, motherboard, arduous drive, and RAM boards.


This is uncommon in older computer systems and virtually inconceivable to seek out in trendy computer systems. However, in case your pc is sufficiently old, there isn’t any hurt in looking for silver in its parts. If you’re fortunate, you’ll discover silver within the circuit boards, keyboard membranes, and pc chips.


This is as uncommon as silver; you might solely discover it in older computer systems. They are often discovered within the parts of the circuit board and the arduous drive.

Copper and Aluminum

Both metals are wanted within the scrap steel trade. You can discover copper in pc wires, the again of your CPU chip, and your energy provide unit, whereas aluminum will be present in your pc body, warmth sinks, and arduous drive case.

Other metals you will discover in your pc embody metal, cobalt, zinc, tin, and many others. The neatest thing you are able to do is to find a scrapyard in your locality and discover out the components of your pc that they’re prepared to purchase as scrap.

Where Can You Sell Your Computer Scrap?

Selling pc scrap is a win-win-win exercise. As the proprietor, you eliminate your junk and earn money off it. As a purchaser, you may reuse treasured steel from the pc scrap as an alternative of spending considerably extra on getting the equal steel by mining and extraction. The surroundings additionally wins as a result of the pc scrap is recycled for different makes use of. 

You can promote your pc scrap within the following locations.

Scrap Yards in Your Locality

This is probably the most handy place to promote your pc scrap, and there may be much less threat of being conned. Find a scrap yard in your locality and ensure the costs for pc scrap. You will likely be paid extra to your pc scrap in case you can separate the metals in your pc from the non-metals earlier than taking it to the scrap yard. 

The complete pc would possibly seem like junk, however the inner parts often comprise invaluable steel that scrap yards will like to have. If you may dismantle the pc and separate the precious scrap earlier than taking them in, it is possible for you to to cost extra to your scrap.

Online Marketplaces

Selling your pc scrap on-line will assure extra money than a scrap yard, however the threat is considerably greater. The standard web sites the place you may promote pc scrap embody eBay, Alibaba, Scrapmetalbuyers.com, webuyuseditequipment.web, and many others.

Gold Recovery

If you may extract sufficient gold out of your pc, you may promote the gold to native jewelers, pawn retailers, gold consumers, or treasured steel sellers. You also can promote it on-line to gold sellers for extra money.

Recycling Plants

Several recycling vegetation pay cash to take your pc scrap and maintain the surroundings secure. They additionally enable you destroy the pc waste that can not be recycled.

Is Gold Recovery Worth It?

There are solely two causes you need to strive extracting gold out of your pc. The first motive is to earn money, whereas the second is to have enjoyable conducting a science experiment. But since this text is targeted on earning money from pc scrap, we will rule out the second motive. 

As for the primary, we will let you know there may be solely about $12 price of gold within the common desktop pc. The means of extracting gold from a pc is time-consuming and requires some experience on the topic. It shouldn’t be some get-rich-quick scheme. It received’t make you wealthy even if you’re affected person. 

Gold restoration out of your pc shouldn’t be price it in case you’re engaged on a number of computer systems. But when you’ve got dozens of computer systems, you can also make sufficient cash to offset your price of supplies, time, and energy. 

Final Words

Computer scrap won’t be interesting to you as a consumer, however there are many individuals who can pay good cash for it. We’ve completed our half by offering you with a number of choices.

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