What Works as a Mouse Pad?

Mouse Pad

Mousepads assist preserve your hand from slipping off the mouse, to not point out that one thing about them simply feels good to make use of. But some conditions name for options, whether or not you’re seeking to save area in your desk or need one thing extra snug.

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If you don’t have a mousepad, there are additionally a number of issues that you should utilize as an alternate. A e book, a journal, and even a piece of cardboard will work. If you’re utilizing a desktop laptop, you may as well use your mouse on the prime of your desk

Having a mousepad is nice, however there are conditions the place options are simply as good, if not higher. It offers a clean floor on your mouse to maneuver on, which might make your laptop use extra environment friendly and exact. In common, although, having a mousepad continues to be a good concept.

Regardless, listed here are some thrilling and well-liked options that may make a nice mousepad, and discover out what may go greatest for you on this article.

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  1. What Works As a Mousepad?
    • Computer Desk or Table
    • Book, Magazine, or Newspaper
    • Kitchen Placemats
    • Cardboard
    • Bedsheet or Clothes
    • Cutting Board
  2. Conclusion
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

What Works As a Mousepad?

One of an important equipment for a laptop is a mousepad. So, for those who’re searching for a new mousepad or its various, it’s possible you’ll surprise what materials will work greatest. 

Many completely different supplies can be utilized as a mousepad, however not all of them will work nicely. Some supplies may cause the mouse to stay or skip, making it tough to make use of.

Here are some options that work nicely as mousepads.

Computer Desk or Table

If you’re utilizing a desktop laptop or a laptop computer on a desk, you don’t essentially want a mousepad — you possibly can use your mouse on prime of your desk. 

Of course, when you have a glass or polished wooden desk, you’ll need to use a mousepad to forestall the mouse from slipping. 

But in case your desk is product of a materials that gives sufficient friction, you should utilize it with out a pad. This could be useful for those who don’t have a lot of area to spare for a mousepad.

Book, Magazine, or Newspaper

If you don’t have a mousepad or can’t discover one, you should utilize a e book, journal, or newspaper as an alternative choice to a mousepad.

The onerous floor offers a good space for the mouse to maneuver on. Simply place the e book, journal, or newspaper in your desk and transfer your mouse over it.

Plus, you should utilize any kind of e book, journal, or newspaper round the home. If you’re searching for a extra fashionable choice, attempt utilizing a ornamental scrapbook or picture album.

Kitchen Placemats

When you’re not utilizing them to brighten up your dinner desk, kitchen placemats make nice mousepads. They could be fairly efficient.

Kitchen placemats are often product of a mushy materials like cork or felt that gives a non-slip floor that retains your mouse from sliding round.

Grab a placemat out of your kitchen drawer, and voila! You’ve acquired your self a customized mousepad that’s each useful and classy.


If you’re searching for an alternative choice to a conventional mousepad, it’s possible you’ll be shocked to study that you would be able to additionally use cardboard as a mousepad. That’s proper – cardboard.

There are a few the reason why cardboard makes a nice mousepad. First, it’s inflexible, so your mouse will transfer easily throughout the floor. 

Second, it’s cheap (or free when you have some spare cardboard). And third, it’s straightforward to make – simply minimize a piece of cardboard to the specified dimension and form.

Bedsheet or Clothes

If you’re in a pinch, you should utilize a bedsheet or garments as a makeshift mousepad. Just place the mouse straight on the floor of the bedsheet or material, and it’ll work tremendous!

The material will present a clean floor for the mouse to glide over. Ensure the material is clear and clean so the mouse can monitor correctly.

This is good for those who’re sitting on the sofa or mattress and utilizing a laptop computer with an exterior mouse.

Cutting Board

One of the nice issues about slicing boards is that they will double as a mousepad. If you’re working at a makeshift desk or don’t have a mousepad useful, simply seize a slicing board, and also you’re good to go.

Cutting boards are good and clean, so your mouse will simply glide throughout them. Plus, they’re often massive sufficient to accommodate your mouse and provide you with loads of room to maneuver it round.

If you need to use your slicing board as a mousepad, guarantee it’s clear and dry. Once you’re completed utilizing it as a mousepad, simply wash it off once more and put it again within the kitchen – no muss, no fuss!


So, for those who’re searching for one thing to make use of as a mousepad, any of the supplies on this record will work simply tremendous.

Whichever materials you select, guarantee it’s massive sufficient to suit your mouse and has a clean floor so your mouse can glide simply throughout it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the very best supplies for a mousepad?

Any flat floor with a clean, non-glossy texture can be utilized as a mousepad. On the opposite hand, glass-like, too shiny, and slippery supplies don’t work.

Can you employ paper as a mousepad?

If you need to use paper as a mousepad, simply place a normal piece of workplace paper beneath your mouse, and it ought to work.

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