What Is an Optical Switch Keyboard?

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Many won’t know this, however totally different switches, reminiscent of optical switches, are put in in keyboards. People have a behavior of buying a keyboard they suppose appears to be like cool, however what they need to be specializing in are the switches. And in the event you’re presently questioning what an optical swap keyboard is? Continue studying under as we’re going to clarify this intimately. 

Quick Answer

Optical switches are those that use mild to instruct the pc if a key has been pressed. Compared to mechanical keyboards, optical swap keyboards have a sooner response time

If you’re somebody who makes use of their PC for simply searching the web, watching films, or doing different mild duties, then it doesn’t matter which keyboard you employ. But in case you are concerned in different duties reminiscent of modifying, gaming, and writing, then it’s best to do a little analysis earlier than shopping for a keyboard.

At the time of writing, there are round 9 sorts of keyboards out there available in the market, and all of them come full of totally different switches. These switches are a motive folks love or hate a sure keyboard. 

Optical switches are the most typical of all keyboard switches on the earth. Furthermore, many take into account them the greatest sort of switches, as they provide a snug and quick typing expertise. 

Table of Contents

  1. Optical Switch Keyboards vs. Mechanical Keyboards
    • Durability
    • Response Time
    • Feel 
    • Price
  2. Final Words
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Optical Switch Keyboards vs. Mechanical Keyboards

Now, lots of people argue that mechanical keyboards are higher than optical swap keyboards. While mechanical keyboards are fairly wonderful, they’re nonetheless removed from being higher than optical swap keyboards. We will checklist the variations under and allow you to resolve on the winner.


Keyboards today aren’t low-cost, and you have to spend amount of cash if you’d like a dependable one. Imagine spending a lot on a keyboard that stops working after a yr. Sounds irritating, proper? Well, the optical swap keyboards have a lifespan of 100 million keystrokes. In different phrases, they’ll final up to 25 years

On the opposite hand, mechanical keyboards have a lifespan of fifty million keystrokes, which equals round 10 years. While that is additionally a stable lifespan, it’s half of what optical swap keyboards supply. Therefore, when it comes to sturdiness, optical swap keyboards win.

Response Time

The response time of a keyboard issues so much. If the velocity of the switches is gradual, you gained’t be capable of get probably the most out of it. Mechanical keyboards additionally fail on this regard as they delay 5 milliseconds. On the opposite hand, optical switches don’t have this delay. In different phrases, they’re a lot sooner than mechanical switches as they’ve a greater response time.

While this won’t be one thing huge for individuals who use their PC for common work, it makes a big distinction for these concerned in writing or gaming. A sooner response time means typing extra phrases in a single minute or staying forward of your opponents in aggressive video games. 


This is likely one of the areas the place mechanical keyboards take the lead. This is as a result of mechanical switches are divided into three choices: tactile, clicky, and linear. All three are totally different and supply really feel. On the opposite hand, optical keyboards are easy and don’t have further key choices. Most optical swap keyboards are the identical in order that you gained’t really feel any distinction

However, you will need to do not forget that in case you are on the lookout for a keyboard that creates much less noise, you have to go together with an optical swap keyboard. This is as a result of mechanical keyboards supply a greater really feel however are noisy. The clicks are satisfying, however they arrive at the price of creating extra noise.


In phrases of worth, optical swap keyboards are dearer than mechanical keyboards. Optical swap keyboards can be found within the mid to excessive vary, whereas some mechanical keyboards may be less expensive than them.

Furthermore, whereas you’ll find loads of mechanical keyboards available in the market, there aren’t many choices out there for optical swap keyboards. Manufacturers today focus extra on creating mechanical keyboards, as avid gamers favor them due to their really feel. Therefore, mechanical keyboards take the lead when it comes to worth and availability. 

Final Words

This was all the things you wanted to learn about an optical swap keyboard. As you’ll be able to see for your self, optical swap keyboards have a greater response time than mechanical keyboards and are extra sturdy.

 However, they price greater than them, and also you don’t get the luxurious of selecting from totally different choices. In the long run, we will count on producers to focus extra on them. But for now, if you’d like one thing with extra choices, you’re higher off with a mechanical keyboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are optical swap keyboards higher than mechanical swap keyboards?

Optical swap keyboards are higher than mechanical swap keyboards when it comes to velocity and sturdiness. However, when it comes to really feel, mechanical swap keyboards are the winner.

Are there a number of swap choices out there for optical keyboards?

Unfortunately, in contrast to mechanical keyboards, there are no swap choices out there for optical keyboards. 

Do optical swap keyboards create numerous noise?

Optical swap keyboards don’t create numerous noise. On the opposite hand, mechanical keyboards are noisy. 

Are optical swap keyboards higher for gaming?

While optical swap keyboards are quick, some folks favor utilizing mechanical keyboards for gaming resulting from their really feel

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