What Is a Backbone Network?

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Have you ever questioned how giant organizations like campuses, workplaces, and so forth can talk with one another securely and successfully? Sometimes, they will talk with one another even once they have many places. The easy reply to this query is that they’ve a spine community. But what’s a spine community? 

Quick Answer

A spine or core community is a pc community part that connects a number of networks, permitting knowledge to be despatched and acquired effectively. You can use a spine community to hyperlink quite a few LANs leading to a WAN or MAN. 

With the assistance of a spine community, long-distance communication is achievable on a huge scale. The capability of a spine typically exceeds that of the networks it helps. This article explains extra about what a spine community is. 

Table of Contents

  1. What Are the Types of Backbone Networks? 
    • Distributed Backbone 
    • Collapsed Backbone 
    • Parallel Backbone 
    • Serial Backbone 
  2. Conclusion 

What Are the Types of Backbone Networks? 

A spine community consists of completely different segments of routers, bridges, cabling, and gateways. Note that particular person nodes don’t connect with the spine immediately. However, particular person nodes join by way of ISPs, LAN, or extra intensive group infrastructures. Different networks might be built-in with the spine know-how. The community that integrates with the spine know-how determines the kind of spine community it will likely be.

So, there are primarily 4 forms of spine networks.

Distributed Backbone 

This sort of community has a number of connectivity units on its foremost, similar to a router. In one of these topology, there isn’t a lot room for development or easy enlargement as a result of there are extra layers of units you may add to the layers. 

Another factor to notice in a distributed spine community is that each one its units share the identical transmission media. Hence, each machine on a distributed spine community shares all transmission positioned on that community. In all practicality, a distributed spine community makes use of all large-scale networks. For instance, enterprise functions are confined to a single constructing as sure connectivity units might be assigned to sure departments or flooring. 

Collapsed Backbone 

This is one other essential spine community popularly known as the inverted spine. This spine community spans a distance that gives interconnectivity over completely different places. Most occasions, this community is linked whereas the routing or switching capabilities are achievable by the gear in every location. Each location in a collapsed spine community has a hyperlink again to the central location. So, it’s potential that a collapsed spine community might be a cluster of a single swap or router

Collapsed routers have a number of benefits, similar to ease of administration and high-performance know-how or proprietary. While some great benefits of the collapsed community are nice, it comes with drawbacks, similar to when the central location’s downtime reachability is a drawback. 

Parallel Backbone 

The parallel spine community is not the commonest however is kind of helpful. The parallel spine community is commonly utilized by enterprises and organizations searching for a reliable and robust spine community. The parallel spine community is a variation of the collapsed spine community that makes use of a central node. 

Also, notice that the parallel spine community node makes use of duplicated connections when there may be a couple of swap or router. A significant component figuring out if an enterprise ought to use a parallel spine community is that if the expense for its effectivity is compensated with fault tolerance and elevated efficiency. 

Serial Backbone 

Finally, a serial spine community is one other sort of spine community that’s extra just like the easiest type of the spine community. A serial spine community includes two or extra web working units linked by a single cable

In different phrases, a serial spine community is held collectively in a daisy-chain vogue. The cause hubs are linked this fashion is to increase the community. Sadly, hubs will not be the one machine linked to a serial spine. Devices like switches, routers, bridges, and gateways generally type a part of the spine. Hence, the serial spine topology is used for enterprise networks, though it’s hardly ever used for this objective.  


A serial spine community is extra fitted to a small community setup. In distinction, a distributed spine community is right for enterprises as increasing, and troubleshooting is so simple as including and managing layers of the community.


As you may see from this information, a spine community is a vital side of a knowledge communication system. With the assistance of the precise spine community, one can enhance reliability and capability and even save prices. So, a spine community is helpful, whether or not you’re a giant enterprise or a small group. 

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