What Does “PID” Stand for in Computers?

Computers are advanced items of devices outstanding in the up to date society we stay in. They can carry out a number of processes and providers in lower than a millisecond. It is price noting that computer systems use PID to distinguish one course of from one other. Hence, the query is, what does PID stand for in computer systems? 

Quick Answer

The PID (course of identifier) is a collection of distinctive decimal numbers given to every course of or service. This quantity is assigned to processes and providers in a number of methods, akin to specifying a course of when attaching a debugger.  

PID is a time period used in most working programs, together with macOS, Windows, and UNIX. The quantity can be utilized as a parameter in many capabilities, permitting totally different processes to be manipulated, akin to killing or prioritizing one, and many others. But to have the ability to do something with the PID, it’s obligatory to first discover the PID of the duty.

This article elaborates on the alternative ways to seek out the PID on totally different OS. 

Table of Contents

  1. How To Find the PID on Different OS
    • Method #1: Using the Task Manager on Windows 
    • Method #2: Using the Activity Monitor on macOS 
  2. Conclusion 
  3. Frequently Asked Questions 

How To Find the PID on Different OS

Whether utilizing a Windows or macOS machine, you will discover the PID of processes or providers in your PC. So, if you wish to change a program or service in your PC, you need to use the PID of processes or providers. Below we elaborate on how one can discover the PID on Windows and macOS. 

Method #1: Using the Task Manager on Windows 

On a Windows PC there are a number of methods to seek out the PID of your pc on a Windows PC. While most customers don’t fear about their system processes, realizing how one can discover the PID quantity can come in useful in totally different eventualities. For instance, you would possibly have to debug an software, or an software might get caught, and also you would possibly have to terminate it manually with the PID. 

If it is advisable discover the PID of your Windows PC, there are alternative ways to find out the PID. You can use Task Manager, Resource Monitor, Command Prompt, and PowerShell. But out of the quite a few methods to seek out the PID of your Windows PC, utilizing Task Manager is the simplest. 

Here’s how one can discover the PID on a Windows PC utilizing Task Manager.

  1. Turn on your Windows PC, ton the Start icon on the backside left nook of your display, and search for Task Manager
  2. Alternatively, you possibly can right-click the taskbar and choose “Task Manager” from the choice. 
  3. Tap on the “Details” tab in the Task Manager window. 
  4. Find the course of ID of any program or service in the “PID” column. 

Method #2: Using the Activity Monitor on macOS 

If you might be utilizing a macOS PC, you can even discover the PID of packages and providers in the Activity Monitor. The Activity Monitor on a macOS PC is just like the Task supervisor for Windows PCs, which displays pc exercise akin to operating packages and providers, lively processes, processor load, and many others. In the Activity Monitor, you possibly can establish sluggish packages or providers, get their PID and tweak it as you see match. 

Here’s how one can discover the PID on a macOS PC.

  1. Open the “Application” folder in your macOS PC. 
  2. In the “Application” folder, faucet on the “Utility” folder and double-click on the “Activity Monitor” choice. 
  3. In the Activity Monitor program, discover the method ID of this system or service in the “PID” column.  

Quick Note

If you employ a UNIX PC, discovering the method ID is a little more advanced because it requires you to kind in some codes. These embody codes just like the “pgrep command” to look for a operating system or the “pidof command”.


The PID variety of any program or service is exclusive throughout its lifetime. It would possibly look like a chunk of knowledge you would possibly by no means want till you want it. However, realizing how one can discover and make the most of the method ID of a program or service can come in useful at odd instances. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the method ID of the method and providers at all times the identical? 

A pc assigns a course of ID to a program solely for this system’s lifetime or service. As quickly as this system is terminated, the method ID is deleted. So, in case you had been to rerun this system or service, your pc would assign a new course of ID to this system or service. 

If you wish to make any adjustments to a program or service utilizing its PID, it helps to make use of the present PID variety of this system whereas it’s operating. 

What is a packet recognized? 

A packet identifier is also referred to as a PID. Unlike the method identifier, the packet identifier is a 13-bit code used to establish totally different audio and video content material streams in a MPEG stream. In different phrases, a packet identifier synchronizes audio and video packets. 

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