How To Wear AirPods Comfortably

Comfortable in AirPods

AirPods are nice choices in case you search wi-fi earphones on this planet of expertise that may serve you effectively. They are excellent for various settings and occasions, notably on this digital age. Apart from the truth that they are perfect for sharing music, you should utilize them whereas commuting, on a street journey, and even sleeping. Several folks may see them as a good way to make sure comfort, however typically they come out by accident when worn or harm your ears. So, how will you put on AirPods comfortably? 

Quick Answer

There are alternative ways you’ll be able to put on your AirPods comfortably. You can use the upside-down or sideways technique, totally different ear suggestions, waterproof tape, ear hooks, and an AirPods cowl

AirPods are patented by Apple and designed to connect with your iPhone by Bluetooth. This is a novel manner supplied by Apple to advertise comfort whenever you’re engaged in interactive actions equivalent to portray, cooking, and exercising. 

Are you uncomfortable with the way you put on your AirPods and questioning if there’s a higher approach to put on them? It shall be greatest in case you proceed studying to get useful suggestions.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Do AirPods Often Hurt Your Ears?
  2. Comfortable Ways To Wear Your Airpods 
    • Method #1: Wear the AirPods Upside-Down or Sideways 
    • Method #2: Use Different Ear Tips
    • Method #3: Use AirPods Covers
    • Method #4: Use Ear Hooks
    • Method #5: Use Waterproof Tape
  3. Conclusion 

Why Do AirPods Often Hurt Your Ears?

If you verify your AirPods, you’ll discover that they’ve a round form, normally buffered by foam or silicone. Every earbud kind maintains this primary design; nonetheless, every encompasses a slight distinction. Depending on how your ears are formed, the round form of the AirPods could also be nice for you. On the opposite hand, it could make you are feeling uncomfortable by hurting your ears. 

Several components could also be liable for AirPods hurting your ears. The first issue is the way you place the earbuds. There is a better tendency that AirPods will harm your ears in case you put them too deep inside your ears. When used, AirPods are to create a pleasant seal between the headphone’s floor and the doorway of the ear canal. You are usually not anticipated to position earbud and earbud suggestions contained in the ear canal. If you do, you’ll overexpose your eardrum to the vibrations from the headphones, which may end up in complications and earaches and add to ear infections.

The second issue is how the AirPods match. You might really feel uncomfortable sporting these earbuds if their suggestions are not the right measurement in your ears. If the AirPods are not sitting accurately in your ears, it’s possible you’ll wish to get one other measurement that may contribute to your consolation.

The third issue is how lengthy you’re sporting it. If you want your AirPods to the extent of utilizing them for too lengthy earlier than taking them out, it could make you are feeling uncomfortable. For occasion, utilizing earbuds for greater than 90 minutes can result in ache. This is as a result of your ears’ cartilage isn’t meant to carry something nestled inside for as much as that point.

Comfortable Ways To Wear Your Airpods 

Now that you recognize why AirPods normally harm your ears, it’s possible you’ll be questioning concerning the snug methods to put on them. Below are best methods it’s possible you’ll wish to put on your AirPods.

Keep in Mind

There is not any standardized manner of sporting AirPods. Every particular person has distinctive strategies. So, you must take your time to experiment and discover your groove.

Method #1: Wear the AirPods Upside-Down or Sideways 

Twisting your AirPods in your ears is among the best methods to maintain them from falling out. You can flip the AirPods upside-down or sideways as an alternative of inserting them in your ears with the stems dealing with down. This could also be an uncanny technique of donning your AirPods, however it’s a good way to wedge them extra tightly in your ears and cease their suggestions from snagging onto your garments.


The microphones won’t be pointing to your mouth whenever you use this technique, making it tougher to have FaceTime, Zoom, or telephone conversations utilizing your AirPods.

Method #2: Use Different Ear Tips

If you’re utilizing AirPods Pro, three totally different silicone tip sizes can be found. You can experiment with every tip kind to know the most effective one in your ears. At instances, these tip sizes might fail to work as anticipated. So, it’s possible you’ll go for third-party merchandise such because the COMPLY Foam Apple AirPods Pro Earbud Tips. These merchandise are made of froth and never silicone – a great choice for you in case you’re silicone-sensitive. Besides, they’ll make the seal extra becoming in your ears.

Method #3: Use AirPods Covers

This is one other technique that may contribute to consolation whenever you put on AirPods. You can look into AirPods covers for each AirPods 1 and a pair of. When used, AirPods covers will slip over the top of the AirPods, guaranteeing a safer and cozy match.

Method #4: Use Ear Hooks

Are you an athlete? This is a wonderful choice for you as ear hooks will provide the wanted grips that contribute to the safety of the AirPods throughout your actions. The third-party equipment are utilized by looping them over your ears to forestall the AirPods from falling out of your ears. 

Method #5: Use Waterproof Tape

This is a straightforward technique that’s advisable as a final resort. To do that, minimize out items of waterproof tape and affix them to the AirPods to contribute to the grip and hold them from slipping out of your ears. 


You ought to now really feel relaxed, understanding there are a number of strategies you’ll be able to undertake to make your self snug whenever you put on your AirPods. But not just for consolation but additionally to make your AirPods or AirPods Pro tightly suit your ears and cease them from falling out.

After guaranteeing that your AirPods keep comfortably in your ears, it’s possible you’ll now proceed to be taught how one can join two pairs of earbuds to an iPad or iPhone so that you can share your audio with anybody round. 

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