How To Turn Off Incognito on Android


When we use other people’s phones to browse as a guest, a safe way to Protect our browsing habits Use incognito mode for browsing. Incognito mode helps you browse privately and doesn’t save any of your browsing information on This device.

When Incognito mode enabled for browsing on AndroidNext, clear all tabs. Removing The incognito tabs block others from viewing vital account information and forms completed.

Quick Answer

To Turn off the incognito tab on Any Android Phone, Click the Switch tab icon Click it. ThenPlease click here Menu icon You will find it at the top of your screen. FinallyThe best selection “Close all tabs”.

The This article will help you close incognito tabs on Android. You This knowledge can be used to help you approach your job. on A PC, iPhone or another device. We Additionally, they will reveal additional ways of browsing privately, other than incognito tabs. But before that, let’s see how to browse in incognito mode on Android.

Table Of Contents

  1. How To Browse Incognito Mode on Android
  2. How To Open Two Incognito Tabs
    • Method #1: Single Tap The Switch Tab Icon
    • Method #2: Long Press The Switch Tab Icon
    • Method #3: Tap The Menu Icon
  3. How To Turn Off Incognito on Android
  4. What Happens When You Browse on This article is available in English Incognito Tab?
  5. How Does Private Browsing Work?
  6. What Are The Ways To Browse Privately on Android?
    • Method #1: Clear Your Cookies And Caches
    • Method #2: Use A VPN
  7. Conclusion

How To Browse Incognito Mode on Android

Here Here’s how to surf in incognito mode with the Chrome browser.

  1. Open The Chrome App on Your Android device.
  2. Navigate To the right of the bar, tap and hold the Find out more icons.
  3. Select The “New Incognito tab”. This Step opens a new window to allow private browsing.

Keep Mind

Chrome Incognito mode does not permit you to take screenshots of your browsing history or view it in any other way than normal.. If Use the standard to save browsing history or take a screen shot Chrome tab.

How To Open Two Incognito Tabs

To You will need to open 2 incognito tabs. Switch tab icon The The switch tab icon can be used to create a new account anonymously or close existing accounts.

AlsoYou can also use the Menu icon To open or close an existing incognito tab,

Method #1: Single Tap The Switch Tab Icon

You You can quickly open several incognito tabs by following these steps.

  1. Tapping The Switch tab icon The top-right corner of your screen.
  2. Clicking The “+” Icon on You can find it to the left.

Method #2: Long Press The Switch Tab Icon

You You can also create another tab incognito by pressing the switch tab icon on the upper right side of your screen. “New incognito tab”.

Method #3: Tap The Menu Icon

By Select the option you want by tapping on the menu icon “New incognito tab”You may also make another incognito tab.

How To Turn Off Incognito on Android

You You can also close the incognito tab to end browsing private. Automatically You can close the tab incognito to go back to regular Chrome tab.

To Follow these steps to close incognito tabs

  1. Go Click the button at the top of the screen. Switch tab icon.
  2. Select “Close Incognito tabs”.

What Happens When You Browse on This article is available in English Incognito Tab?

When You can browse incognito privately, browsing dataHistory, cookies, site data and forms on Website won’t get saved.

However,  note that Download files on Save them with an incognito tab on your device.

AlsoYour browsing history can be accessed by website administrators, employers, schools, or your internet service provider, as well as your browser settings.

How Does Private Browsing Work?

Private Browse incognito mode or by browsing anonymously Disable access to your browsing history.

In Regular browsing tabs Chrome Allows you to save your browsing data on your device. HoweverFor incognito tabs: Chrome Your browsing history is deleted from the browser.

This Same mode does not work for all. Chrome But you can also use it for other browsers. 

What Are The Ways To Browse Privately on Android?

As There are many ways that site trackers monitor your activities. on Sites have other options to hide tracking so you can browse anonymously.

Site Trackers have the ability to use user cookies and cache data. Google (or another website account), device ID and, most importantly, the IP address. From These tracking methods are now available to the public. Developers and cybersecurity specialists These methods can be used to hide this information.

The The information below explains how you can browse anonymously, and not just using an incognito web browser.

Method #1: Clear Your Cookies And Caches

When Cookies and caches can be stored on your device, it Keep the details about your visit to the site. HenceIf you are a user of a website that you have already visited, you will be recognized by the site.

The site connects your previous browsing sessions with the current ones to gain more information. Clearing Your cookies will You can prevent the site’s recognition of your previous browsing sessions.

Method #2: Use A VPN

Every There are two kinds of IP addresses available to internet users. The First is the public IP address Whichever one you choose, it is provided by your internet provider. This IP address Can be shared among two or more devices If they both receive internet from the exact same server.

The Second is Local IP address unique to your deviceIt doesn’t matter what internet provider you use. Site This local IP address is used by trackers to Keep track of your activities.

HoweverWith a VPN you can. Change this IP address, and site trackers wouldn’t be able to recognize you or your device.

Other These are some of the ways you can browse privately:

  • The Use of public internet devicesYou can browse, for example, in a cafe that has an incognito menu.
  • Usage Of Another smartphone To have a brand new ID for your device.
  • Use A Sign-in options for different accounts Access more than one website to gain access.


In today’s world, private browsing is good, especially when we share devices with others. For For example, in schools and cafes we can share our devices. Apart from these public places, we may need to borrow our friend’s smartphone, mainly when we run out of network bandwidth or suddenly misplace our devices.

One way to keep our online accounts and information safe while using other people’s devices is to use incognito tabs and browsers. It You can close all incognito tabs during browsing. The steps are explained here.

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