How To Tell if a Microphone Is Broken


Microphones are an integral part in immediately’s world. You can discover microphones in virtually each machine, equivalent to laptops, smartphones, good audio system, and even smartwatches. But microphones, like each different delicate tools, can get broken. But how are you going to inform if a microphone is damaged? 

Quick Answer

Generally, a number of signs point out that your microphone is damaged. In most circumstances, a distorted sound, echoing, excessive stage of noise suggestions, poor frequency picks up, and total diminished sound high quality alerts your microphone is damaged. 

Experiencing signs of a damaged microphone is not any assure that the microphone is defective. Occasionally, your microphone may misbehave as a result of a connection downside and even software-related. Hence, to make sure, a number of assessments you may carry out in your microphone will enable you to inform for certain whether or not or not your microphone is broken.

Keep studying as we discover all of that on this article.

Table of Contents

  1. Signs Your Microphone Might Be Damaged 
    • Poor Frequency Pick-Up
    • High Levels of Noise Feedback
    • Peculiar Sound 
    • Echoing 
    • Voice Distortion 
  2. How To Test if a Microphone Is Broken
    • Visual Inspection
    • Frequency Response Test 
    • Impulse Response Test 
  3. Conclusion 

Signs Your Microphone Might Be Damaged 

There are so many issues that may trigger your microphone to get broken. For instance, mechanical stress is among the important causes of microphone harm, as drops and impacts could cause many issues within the microphone to get unfastened and ultimately cease working. Humidity, mud, and smoke also can trigger the microphone to get broken, so it’s best to shield your microphone from the weather.

To lengthen the lifespan of your microphone, it’s best to all the time retailer it when not in use to guard it from mechanical harm. And when in use, it’s best to use a pop filter which helps with moisture equivalent to spit and saliva attributable to plosive sounds entering into the microphone, which might doubtlessly harm the microphone. 

Below are signs that point out when your microphone is broken or creating a difficulty.

Poor Frequency Pick-Up

Generally, totally different microphones decide up frequency at totally different ranges. However, when the frequency of your microphone is unusually poor, it’s a signal that the microphone is broken. The harm could be so extreme that the microphone stops selecting up frequency altogether. This signifies that it’s best to restore or substitute the microphone when this occurs. 

High Levels of Noise Feedback

Another symptom you’re probably to expertise when your microphone is about to present out is while you get a lot of high-level noise suggestions. It typically happens within the type of a buzzing or hissing noise. You could not even discover the static noise coming from the microphone. When the microphone is broken, the noise suggestions may be attributable to line noise which is when the microphone interacts with the digital parts within the machine. 

Peculiar Sound 

When the sound the microphone produces is manner totally different from what it was, it might be a symptom that the microphone is broken. So, while you begin noticing this deviation, make a recording with the microphone now, and evaluate the sound with a recording of what the microphone sounded while you first purchased it. If each sounds are totally different, it’s as a result of the microphone is broken. 


Another symptom that might point out that your microphone is broken or about to present out is when it begins producing an echo. Ideally, you shouldn’t have the ability to discover any echo out of your microphone. So, while you begin noticing an echo coming out of your microphone, you would possibly must take the microphone to a technician for a checkup. 

Voice Distortion 

If all of your recordings with the microphone sound distorted, it’s a signal that the microphone is probably going broken. However, be cautious when coping with distortion on a microphone, as not all distortion means the microphone is broken. Sometimes, you would possibly must examine the sign chain of the microphone or energy supply, as these two issues are infamous for inflicting sound distortion. 

How To Test if a Microphone Is Broken

If you’re experiencing indicators that point out your microphone could also be broken however want to be certain, there are a couple of assessments that may be of use. 

Below are three assessments which can be used to know typically if a microphone is damaged or not. 

Visual Inspection

Visually inspecting your microphone is probably the most simple manner to inform if the microphone is broken or not. So, each time your microphone begins to behave humorous, inspecting it visually ought to reveal whether or not it’s broken or not. 

For the visible inspection check, examine the outdoors of the microphone, then examine the inside. Check across the physique of the microphone for any bodily harm. It would assist if you additionally regarded for indicators of corrosion and the situation of {the electrical} parts of the microphone and those linked to it. 

Frequency Response Test 

Another instance of a nice check you are able to do to check whether or not your microphone is broken or not is the frequency response check. This check entails testing the frequency vary the microphone’s diaphragm can decide up. So, if the microphone is broken, it won’t be able to select up a lot of frequencies. Hence, recording with a broken microphone could sound uninteresting as a result of it can’t seize high-end frequencies. 

Impulse Response Test 

Finally, you may carry out the impulse response check, the place you check how briskly and precisely the microphone can file sound waves. For instance, the quick assault of the snare drum can be tough for a broken microphone to seize precisely. Hence, while you carry out this check, a broken microphone will current itself as having a slower impulse response price

To check the impulse response of a microphone, you want specialised gear and technical data, which a mean particular person could not have at their disposal. Hence, it’s greatest to depart this check for the professionals while you take your microphone to be inspected. 

Key Recommendation

There are so many issues that might go mistaken in a microphone, and based mostly on the microphone, it may not be straightforward to restore; making a substitute may be the most effective viable choice.


Overall, the best option to verify if your microphone is broken or not is to carry out a visible inspection of the inner part. If the microphone is broken, the inner part of the microphone will go away particular trails, be it corrosion or broken inner parts, indicating the microphone is broken. 

Most importantly, it’s advisable to retailer your microphone in a correct casing and take excellent care of it. 

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