How To Record Vinyl on a Computer


Did you develop up listening to information or just lately develop a interest for enjoying and accumulating vinyl? Transferring your favourite vinyl information on your laptop could have crossed your thoughts. But fret not; it’s easy. 

Quick Answer

Follow these steps to document vinyl on your laptop.
1. Install the Audacity software program and join your document participant to your PC’s USB port.
2. Ensure that your turntable is displaying below Windows Control Panel or Mac’s System Preferences.
3. Launch the Audacity software program, hit the “Record” button on the primary Audacity display screen, and begin enjoying your document. 

We took the time to write down a complete step-by-step information on the best way to document vinyl on a laptop. We can even discover strategies for putting in Audacity software program, configuring settings, and recording. 

Table of Contents

  1. Recording a Vinyl on a Computer 
    • Step #1: Install Audacity 
    • Step #2: Configure the Audio Settings
    • Step #3: Configure Audacity
    • Step #4: Start Recording
  2. Summary
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Recording a Vinyl on a Computer 

If you don’t know the best way to document vinyl on a laptop, our following step-by-step information will show you how to do that activity simply. 

Step #1: Install Audacity 

To document vinyl to your laptop, you want a document participant with a USB port and a free model of Audacity software program that works on each PC and Mac. 

Open the Audacity website and click on the obtain hyperlink in the course of the web page. 

Once downloaded, double-click the .exe or .dmg file to put in the software program. 

Step #2: Configure the Audio Settings

Connect your document participant to a USB port on your laptop – it ought to establish you’ve plugged it in and, if fortunate, mechanically set up the software program driver to let you function it.

For Windows, go to your Control Panel and choose “Hardware and Sound”. Next, choose “Sound” (a new menu opens) and select “Recording”. Click “Advanced” from the highest bar, and be sure that the 16-bit audio is picked from the drop-down menu. Also, ensure that each containers under this feature are ticked.

For Mac, go to System Preferences, choose “Sound”, and click on on the “Input” tab. Check that the enter works by enjoying a document on your turntable and be sure that the “level” meter is working. If this isn’t the case, go to the Finder window and choose “Go” > “Utilities”. Then, open “Audio MIDI Setup”.

Click the “Audio Devices” tab, and guarantee your USB turntable is in each the “Default Input” and “Properties” drop-down menus. Pick 44,100.0Hz and 2ch-16bit, respectively. 

Step #3: Configure Audacity

Your laptop is now able to document your vinyl; there’s a little tinkering for Audacity, and then you definitely’ll be good to go. 

Open the Audacity software program. Click “Edit”, choose “Preferences”, and choose “Devices” from the brand new menu.

Choose “MME” from the top-most drop-down menu. Next, choose “Recording” from the left aspect and ensure each containers are ticked

Step #4: Start Recording

The setup is finished, so the enjoyable half comes: hit the “Record” button on the primary Audacity display screen and begin enjoying your document.

Ensure the display screen fill with blue bars. The bars on the high of the display screen characterize your music’s ranges or quantity. You’ll hear your document enjoying if every little thing is about up proper. 

If quantity bars are going purple, the enter quantity is just too loud, so decrease it utilizing the slider just under till the bars solely present inexperienced


In this information, we’ve mentioned the best way to document vinyl on a laptop. We’ve additionally mentioned strategies for putting in Audacity on Mac and Window PC, configuring the software program to document vinyl, and adjusting quantity settings. 

Hopefully, your downside is resolved, and now you’ll be able to hearken to your vinyl document on your laptop. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I repair if the Audacity interface is sluggish to reply on Mac?

If the Audacity interface is sluggish to reply on Mac, this happens when the system has a “30-bit” show. The level to notice right here is that not all Retina shows are 30-bit. So, if the “Framebuffer Depth:” says “30-Bit Color (ARGB2101010)”, you’ve got a 30-bit show. 

In this case, right-click on the Audacity software program icon on your desktop and click on “Get Info”. Select “Open in Low Resolution”.

Can I run Audacity on a Chromebook laptop computer?

Unfortunately, you can’t run Audacity on a Chromebook as a result of Audacity doesn’t help Chrome OS.

Chrome OS 69 or later help working containerized Linux; confer with Google help for particulars concerning working Linux functions on Chrome OS.

How do I repair my exported MP3 low quantity or no sound?

If your exported MP3 is enjoying as a result of the timer on the media participant is transferring and there’s no sound, ensure the sound system is just not muted and a appropriate playback system is used. 

If this isn’t the problem, return to Audacity and ensure the “-….+ gain” slider on the “Track Control Panel” is positioned centrally at “Gain: 0 dB”. If you discover that the slider is displaying left, this can decrease the quantity in your exported MP3.

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