How To Make a Laptop Keyboard More Ergonomic

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The first laptop computer was invented in 1981, however the technological gadget solely grew to become common and outsold the desktop pc n 2006. Today, laptops are the go-to computing gadget due to their transportable and light-weight design, making them handy to hold round. However, laptops aren’t good as a result of they compromise ergonomic options and prioritize portability. 

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Because of the poor ergonomic design, extended laptop computer use ends in a lot of stress in your again and neck. This occurs resulting from tiny screens, small mouse units, and, most significantly, small and incorrectly positioned keyboards. Luckily, you can also make the laptop computer keyboard extra ergonomic, and there are quite a few methods to do that.

• Invest in a laptop computer stand.
• Place your keyboard at round elbow top.
• Position your laptop computer keyboard on the entrance of your desk.
• Place your keyboard proper forward of you.

By making your laptop computer keyboard extra ergonomic, your arms, wrists, and arms will not expertise pointless stress. As a consequence, you’ll most certainly not expertise long-term ache that negatively impacts your work productiveness. 

Table of Contents

  1. Invest in a Laptop Stand
  2. Position Your Laptop Keyboard on the Front of Your Desk
  3. Place Your Keyboard Around Elbow Height
  4. Place Your Keyboard Right Ahead of You 
  5. Summary 

Invest in a Laptop Stand

The main benefit of the laptop computer over the traditional desktop pc is its portability, which is useful when working remotely. However, utilizing this computing gadget for a extended interval isn’t suggested if you happen to intend to make use of it for an prolonged period. This is why investing in a laptop computer stand is suggested. 

With a laptop computer stand, your laptop computer’s display screen shall be at a a lot higher top for optimum viewing. There are 4 predominant forms of laptop computer stands it’s best to contemplate.

  • Laptop Trays: This laptop computer stand is big, and that is what offers it a secure floor. Because of its large measurement and bulkiness, this laptop computer stand ought to solely be positioned on a sturdy desk with sufficient house
  • Daddy Long Legs: It options lengthy adjustable legs, however adjusting it to your most popular place will be fairly difficult. 
  • Dual Rise Stands: This laptop computer stand lets you use an exterior keyboard that may be slid proper beneath to make sure your laptop computer display screen is nearer. It’s a perfect match to be used on the workplace or dwelling, due to its stronger top adjustment and angling
  • Wedge Shape Stands: It’s a transportable laptop computer stand due to its distinctive design, which flattens so that you can perform your work with out a lot trouble. This laptop computer stand doesn’t include house the place you may place an exterior keyboard. If portability is your predominant precedence, it’s best to go for the wedge form stand. 

After getting a laptop computer stand, put money into an exterior ergonomic keypad with out utilizing the built-in laptop computer keyboard. And the three classes of keyboard ergonomics embrace the next.

  • Angled Keyboard: This keyboard comes with a slight diploma of the gradient. As a consequence, it creates a slight slope from the keyboard’s entrance to the again. The design of the angled keyboard is supposed to make sure your arms are cupped once you’re typing and your wrists straight.  
  • Split Keyboard: It’s a keyboard with a conspicuous cut up at its heart that causes the 2 sides to slant away. The distinctive design of the cut up keyboard assists with fluid typing movement, wrist consolation, and hand spacing
  • Contoured Keyboard: This keyboard has a wave-like form and a small peak at its heart. The countered keyboard will get its identify as a result of it seems to have a sidewalk or wavy pathway when checked out from above. 

Position Your Laptop Keyboard on the Front of Your Desk

Your wrists have to have loads of house from which to be supported. Knowing this, you need to guarantee your keyboard is positioned at about 5 centimeters from the desk’s entrance edge. This will make sure that you don’t have to excessively stretch your arms and shoulders, leading to your wrist bending in an unnatural place. 

Place Your Keyboard Around Elbow Height

You wish to place your laptop computer keyboard on the identical top as your forearms and shoulder so that you can really feel relaxed whereas working. Doing this ensures you don’t want to maneuver your arms up and down whereas working. This is as a result of whereas these actions may look insignificant, they improve the probabilities of a musculoskeletal damage. 

Achieving an applicable top to your keyboard is straightforward, as you could make minor changes to your desk and chair top

Place Your Keyboard Right Ahead of You 

Make positive you place your keyboard earlier than typing in your pc. This prevents you from needing to twist your physique when utilizing your laptop computer, which solely causes additional pressure in your shoulders and torso. This is very essential if you happen to spend your complete day working; in any other case, you may finally undergo from physique aches. 

But with the keyboard positioned proper forward of you in a central place, your shoulders will relaxation naturally when you’re working. As a consequence, this protects you from undesirable ache resulting from poor posture


Ensuring correct laptop computer ergonomics reduces fatigue in your neck and again. This consequently ends in elevated productiveness since you don’t have any bodily aches, making it difficult to focus on your work. And to realize this optimum consolation and productiveness, it’s best to begin by making the keyboard extra ergonomic. 

Outlined clearly on this information are useful strategies you may implement to make the keyboard of your laptop computer key broad extra ergonomic. Therefore, you’ll not expertise issues linked to incorrect keyboard positionings, resembling tennis elbow, RSI, and carpal tunnel. You additionally gained’t undergo from unhealthy posture, which might adversely have an effect on your general well-being. 

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