How To Fix the White Spot on a Laptop Screen

White Laptop Screen

Have you latterly observed a white spot on your laptop computer display? Before sending it for repairs, there are a few workarounds to troubleshoot the concern your self.

Quick Answer

To repair white spots on your laptop computer display, begin by dampening a microfiber towel with heat water. Locate the white spot on your display and gently rub the towel towards it till it disappears.

Below, now we have performed thorough analysis and written an intensive information with step-by-step directions on find out how to repair the white spot on your laptop computer display.

Table of Contents

  1. What Causes a White Spot on a Laptop Screen?
    • Reason #1: Dead or Stuck Pixels
    • Reason #2: Hardware Issues
    • Reason #3: Software Issues
    • Reason #4: Physical Damages
    • Reason #5: LED Reflectors
  2. Removing the White Spot on Your Laptop Screen
    • Method #1: Removing Stuck Pixels
    • Method #2: Fixing LED Reflectors
    • Method #3: Reinstalling Display Drivers
    • Method #4: Using Third-Party Tools
  3. Summary

What Causes a White Spot on a Laptop Screen?

If a white spot has appeared on your laptop computer display, it could possibly be resulting from the following causes.

Reason #1: Dead or Stuck Pixels

Two of the commonest causes of white spots on a laptop computer display are lifeless or caught pixels. Millions of minute pixels on a display are answerable for projecting mild and offering an picture. Thus, when a few of them go unhealthy, they trigger a white or black spot to seem.

Dead pixels are these not working, which implies they can’t be mounted. On the different hand, caught pixels can solely show a single coloration, for instance, white, blue, inexperienced, crimson, and many others., and may be mounted simply.

Reason #2: Hardware Issues

Another cause why there is likely to be a white spot on your laptop computer display is {hardware} failure. Since the graphics card runs the shows on all laptops, you would possibly see white spots on your display when these items fail or don’t perform correctly.

To repair this, you have to to change the defective {hardware} on your laptop computer.

Reason #3: Software Issues

Sometimes, sure malfunctions in software program could trigger a white spot to seem on your laptop computer display, which may be eliminated rapidly.

To decide its trigger, join your laptop computer to an exterior monitor; if the display seems tremendous, it’s simply a software program concern. However, the {hardware} is likely to be at fault should you nonetheless see the white spot on the second show. 

Reason #4: Physical Damages

Any bodily harm brought about to the laptop computer display resulting from a fallextreme strain, and many others., could lead to a white spot. These white spots could also be of any form and measurement and might solely be mounted by changing the laptop computer display.

Check your laptop computer for any cracks or breaks should you suspect bodily harm.

Reason #5: LED Reflectors

LED reflectors are answerable for evenly lighting your laptop computer show. Sometimes, these reflectors would possibly come unfastened or transfer out of place. When this happens, you’ll see white spots on your display.

Removing the White Spot on Your Laptop Screen

If you don’t know find out how to repair the white spot on your display, observe our 4 easy step-by-step strategies with minimal effort.

Method #1: Removing Stuck Pixels

Once you’ve decided that the white spot on your laptop computer display is because of caught pixels, you possibly can rapidly repair it utilizing a microfiber towel.

  1. Locate the white spot on your display.
  2. Dampen a microfiber towel with heat water.
  3. Gently place and rub the towel on the spot.

All Done!

The white spot on your laptop computer display ought to lighten step by step as the pixels begin working once more.


Do not apply extreme strain to your display whereas rubbing or use pointy and tough objects like pens, fingernails, and many others., as they would possibly trigger everlasting harm to your display.

Method #2: Fixing LED Reflectors

If your LED reflectors have come unfastened, you possibly can simply repair them to remove the white spot on your laptop computer display utilizing these steps.

  1. Turn off your laptop computer and take away its charger to make sure no present circulate.
  2. Carefully open the backplate utilizing your laptop computer’s consumer handbook.
  3. Disconnect the audio system and different {hardware} to achieve the primary circuit board and switch it off.
  4. Start eradicating the reflectors one after the other by elevating the tab on the body.
  5. Place every reflector again tightly, utilizing Q-tips and glue.

That’s It!

Let the glue dry and reassemble your laptop computer. The white spot on the display ought to now be mounted.

Method #3: Reinstalling Display Drivers

Sometimes, a software program concern is likely to be why a white spot seems on your laptop computer display. To repair it, you possibly can simply reinstall the Display drivers with these steps.

  1. Type “Device Manager” in the search field on your laptop computer’s taskbar.
  2. Select “Open” and double-click on “Display adapters” to increase the record.
  3. Right-click on the show adapter of your display and select “Uninstall device”.
  4. Restart your pc to set up the show drivers once more mechanically.

All Set!

Any white spots resulting from software program points ought to now be gone out of your laptop computer’s display.

Method #4: Using Third-Party Tools

An simple technique to restore caught pixels is to make use of a free third-party internet software known as JScreenFix utilizing the steps given beneath.

  1. Open a internet browser on your laptop computer and go to JScreenFix.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Launch JScreenFix”.
  3. Click the full-screen icon.
  4. Drag the pixel fixer to the space with caught pixels on your laptop computer’s display.
  5. Keep it in the identical place for not less than 10 minutes to repair the white spot.

Keep in Mind

This course of could take anyplace from 10 minutes to a few hours and may not work in all cases.


In this information, now we have mentioned a number of strategies to repair the white spot on your laptop computer display. We have additionally mentioned a number of the reason why this would possibly occur on your laptop computer.

Hopefully, your concern is resolved, and you may restore your laptop computer’s display to its unique state.

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