How To Display Wi-Fi Passwords on iPads


Do You will need to attach a device. Wi-Fi Have you forgotten your password? ThankfullyYou can search for it on You can use your iPad with no effort.

Quick Answer

To Your Wi-Fi password on Open the app on your iPad Wi-Fi Setting Click the “Add to Cart” button “i” Icon Next to you Wi-Fi name. Tap “Password” Your account is used to verify your actions Face Oder Touch ID.

To To make your task simpler, we’ve created an extensive guide. on Display the Wi-Fi password on Step-by-step instruction for your iPad

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  1. Displaying Wi-Fi Passwords on iPads
    • Method #1: Using Wi-Fi Settings
    • Method #2: Using Router Settings
    • Method #3: Using iCloud Keychain
    • Method #4: Using The Sharing Feature
    • Method #5: Using Third-Party Software
  2. Summary
  3. Frequently Asked Questions

Displaying Wi-Fi Passwords on iPads

If you don’t know how to display the Wi-Fi password on Our 5 Step-by-Step Methods will make it easy to use your iPad.

Method #1: Using Wi-Fi Settings

With These are the steps on iPads These have been revised to iOS 16It is easy to display your artwork. Wi-Fi Password in the Settings app.

  1. Launch Settings.
  2. Tap “Wi-Fi”.
  3. Tap The “i” Icon Next to you Wi-Fi name.
  4. Tap “Password”.
  5. Authorize Get involved with the actions Touch Oder Face Identification to display your password.

This Method It will not function on iPads with iOS 15 or older.  

Method #2: Using Router Settings

To Your Wi-Fi password on You can access router settings from your iPad in this easy way.

  1. On Open the app on your iPad Wi-Fi Setting.
  2. Tap The “i” Icon Next to you Wi-Fi’s name and copy the router’s IP Address.
  3. Launch a web browser, paste the Copy IP into the address bar, and tap “Go”.
  4. Sign As “Admin” on the router web panel with your router’s password.
  5. Go The “Wireless Setup” To view your Wi-Fi password, and you’re done!

Keep Mind

In most cases, your router’s password will either be “admin” Oder none. However, if both of these don’t work, you can search for your router’s password on You can use the internet to find out more. Contact your Internet service provider

Method #3: Using iCloud Keychain

If Display your work Wi-Fi password on Using iCloud to sync your iPad with it, it’s easy. Keychain on You can find more information at Mac.

  1. Launch Settings on Use your iPad to navigate “iCloud”, and turn on “Keychain”.
  2. Turn on The “Personal Hotspot” settings and connect your Mac Transfer to your iPad HOtspot.
  3. Press The “Cmd” And “Space” Keys Click here to access the Spotlight Search on Mac.
  4. Search For “Keychain Access” In the specified field.
  5. Search Thank you for considering us! Wi-Fi network by its name and double-click To open.
  6. Check The “Show password” box Please enter the following information: Mac account password, if prompted, to view your Wi-Fi password.

Method #4: Using The Sharing Feature

On iOS 11 and above users can utilize a special sharing feature to share their work. Wi-Fi password on You can also use another iPad the same way.

  1. Launch Settings Open “Wi-Fi” on The original iPad.
  2. Tap You Wi-Fi from the available devices.
  3. Bring the second iPad connected to the Wi-Fi Closer The first iPad.
  4. Tap “Share Password” on Pop-up message on the second iPad to give your permission.
  5. Your Wi-Fi password will now be displayed on The original iPad.

Method #5: Using Third-Party Software

With These steps will help you locate your iPad easily Wi-Fi Third-party software is called 4uKey – Password Manager on You Mac.

  1. Launch a web browser on You Mac Click here to go to Tenorshare Site
  2. DownloadLaunch, install and activate the 4uKey – Password Manager software.
  3. Connect Your iPad delivered to you Mac Through a Cable for USB and wait for The software to identify it.
  4. Click “Start” on the Home screen, click “Start Scan”, and wait for a few seconds.
  5. Select “Wi-Fi Accounts” to display your iPad’s saved passwords.

Quick Note

You You can, too. Export This Liste Click here to add your iPad to the shopping cart “Export”.


In This guide will show you how to present your work. Wi-Fi password on Your iPad with Wi-Fi iCloud Router and IP settings Keychain Sharing and Third-Party Software

HopefullyYour issue is now resolved. You can find it easily. Wi-Fi To change your password or connect devices to the network, enter the following code.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I find the settings on My iPad

If you can’t find Settings oder any other app on Get your iPad Home screen, you can use Spotlight Search To access it, Swiping Other options: With your finger on Searching for and on the screen “Settings”. NowTap the gear icon Go to Settings on Get your iPad.

What The three buttons are on The side of my iPad

Your iPad has between three to five buttons, depending on the model. They Could be PowerAt homePlease see the following: Volumes up And Down buttons.

What Double-clicking is possible Home Click here on What does the iPad do?

You can double-click the Home Click here on Your iPad can be used to Show a Liste All open apps. Without You can find more information at Home You can click the button only Access the App Switcher Swiping up from the bottom of the screen and holding your finger still in the middle.

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