How To Clean Your iPhone Camera Lens

Cleaning iPhone Camera

If your iPhone’s digicam lens is soiled or smudged, you’ll get a blurry picture everytime you take an image with it. You could intuitively seize a shirt to scrub it to get a clearer shot. However, doing this would possibly worsen the case as you expose the lens to scratches. So, what higher method to clear your iPhone’s digicam lens? 

Quick Answer

There are other ways to scrub an iPhone digicam lens relying on whether or not it’s minor or very cussed dust or smudge. If it’s a minor mud particle, use a mud blower. But if it’s a smear, use a microfiber material and a few isopropyl alcohol.  

The exterior clear window of an iPhone’s digicam lens is roofed with sapphire crystal for cover. Generally, the sapphire crystal on the iPhone’s digicam lens is tough to scratch; it’s essential to make use of applicable cleansing materials.

This article elaborates extra on find out how to clear an iPhone digicam lens.

Table of Contents

  1. Different Ways To Clean Your iPhone Camera Lens 
    • Method #1: Dust Blower 
    • Method #2: Microfiber Cloth
    • Method #3: Using Liquids  
    • Method #4: Professional Servicing
  2. Conclusion 
  3. Frequently Asked Questions 

Different Ways To Clean Your iPhone Camera Lens 

When you hear the phrase cleansing, what involves thoughts is cleaning soap and water. But whereas iPhones are IP rated, submerging your iPhone in any cleansing agent isn’t really useful. The IP ratings on iPhones are completely different. The iPhone 7, 7+, 8, 8+ X, XR, and the twond gen SE are all IP67-rated. While iPhone Xs, XS Max, and different newer fashions are IP68-rated

Also, once you wish to clear the digicam lens, you need to keep away from utilizing any substance with hydrogen peroxide or bleaching brokers. Below are a couple of completely different strategies to scrub the digicam lens.  

Method #1: Dust Blower 

When there may be mud in your iPhone’s digicam lens, it’s really useful to use a mud blower to forestall scratches. You can buy a mud blower from most {hardware} shops close to you, however make sure you go for a mud blower with out added chemical compounds to disperse the mud particles. 

Although your iPhone’s digicam lens is sturdy, you don’t wish to threat breaking the lens because the compressed air will be robust. Hence, blowing the air a few inches away from the lens is advisable. And all the time maintain the mud blower upright, not at an angle or the other way up. 

Method #2: Microfiber Cloth

Another choice you could have is to make use of a microfiber material. Using a microfiber material to scrub your iPhone’s digicam lens is lint-free and can simply wipe off mud, fogginess, fingerprint, and stains with no residue. 

Also, the feel of a microfiber material is ultra-soft with wonderful grain, which makes it preferrred for cleansing the lens because it doesn’t scratch the lens. While a microfiber material is gentle, you shouldn’t substitute it for gentle tissues like Kleenex. 

Method #3: Using Liquids  

If there’s a dried or cussed smudge in your iPhone’s digicam lens, you need to incorporate a liquid in your cleansing course of to melt it so it’s straightforward to wipe off. In such circumstances, utilizing a Q-tip dipped in 70% isopropyl alcohol will assist get the job achieved. 

Alternatively, you need to use 75% ethyl alcohol or Clorox disinfecting wipes to scrub the lens. An benefit of utilizing this liquid over different liquids to scrub your lens is that they’ve disinfectant properties that kill micro organism that could be lodged across the lens. 

Method #4: Professional Servicing

Suppose the dust or smudge is trapped beneath the digicam lens or laborious to take away, even with a mud blower, microfiber material, or isopropyl. In that case, you’d must e book an appointment with an Apple technician for help. 

If your iPhone guarantee continues to be legitimate, then contacting Apple would possibly assist slash the quantity you’ll pay. Note that the Apple guarantee doesn’t cowl unintended harm to the digicam lens. 

Quick Tip

Using an iPhone case can assist defend your iPhone’s digicam lens and again glass from harm.


If your iPhone’s digicam lens is soiled, make sure you clear it with the suitable materials to stop scratches. If the lens is etched, cleansing it wouldn’t clear up the issue. In this case, it’s important to go to an expert technician to have it changed. Also, if the dust is lodged below the lens, you need to enable the professionals to repair it. Overall, it will assist when you saved your iPhone’s digicam lens clear and the iPhone in a clear space.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I take away condensation from my iPhone’s digicam lens? 

When your iPhone’s digicam seems condensed, it’s as a result of moisture has managed to penetrate the housing. Getting rid of it may be tough as you’ll be able to’t merely wipe it off from the outside. The best method to take away condensation out of your iPhone’s digicam lens is to position the telephone in an hermetic container with silica gel. Set the case apart for at the very least 24 hours for the silica gel packages to soak up the moisture. 

If the condensed moisture doesn’t disappear, you need to take your telephone to a technician to repair it. Do not hold your telephone within the solar or close to a hearth to trigger the moisture to evaporate. 

Is utilizing straight alcohol dangerous for my iPhone? 

Using straight alcohol to scrub the digicam lens would possibly kill the micro organism, however the alcohol reacts with the hydrophobic and oleophobic coating, stripping it off. Over time, your iPhone will not repel water and oil from its show and different ports.  

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