How Much RAM Is Used for Plex Servers?


The Plex Media Server It is the most trusted media server, allowing you to search and find media content relevant to your interests. What The Plex Media Server It is compatible with almost everything, including smartphones, TVs, streaming devices and game consoles. But How much? RAM it is sufficient for the Plex Server Are you ready to go? 


Quick Answer

TechnicallyUse Plex can be split into two parts – the Server The Client. The Server is what runs the media while client streams it. According You can find more information here PlexYou need an Minimal 2GB RAM To use the Plex Server efficiently. 

HoweverWhile 2GB is the minimal amount, RAM If you have any questions, we can help. RAM storage space on your device for You will have a smooth experience.

SoIt doesn’t matter if you are running the Plex Media Server Make sure it works with your server whether you are using a dedicated or everyday computer. This The article provides more information on the best way to achieve your ideal body. Plex Media Server PC. 

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  1. How To Get The Best Device for You can find more information at Plex Server
    • Feature #1: Operating System
    • Feature #2: The CPU
    • Feature #3: RAM
    • Feature #4: Storage 
  2. Conclusion 



How To Get The Best Device for You can find more information at Plex Server

While Plex Is it a Streaming service, it doesn’t work like other streaming services you may know. With Plex Media Server, you can Host and upload your content on its server and share it with others; this way, you don’t have to depend on big companies to get content. And Remote access is not the only benefit. Plex Server You can also watch the offers it has, Over 100 Live TV, podcasts, or several web shows

You To upload and host the content, you will require a compatible device Plex Media Server. In In essence, the device must have certain features. Below These are the features you should consider before buying a device for Plex Server. 

Feature #1: Operating System 

One When you are looking for a new device, one of your first priorities is to make sure it works. for Plex Server This is the operating system. While The Plex Server The device should be compatible with many operating systems. For Take, for example: Windows OSInstall the Plex Media Server On a At least 32-bit operating system Windows 7 You can also call it a Version 64-bit running at minimum Windows 8. SimilarlyIf you are using a macOSThe device should support these requirements. macOS 10.11 El Capitan or later. You You can also use Plex Server On a Linux Applicator Running CentOS 7, Ubuntu 16.04 SUSE 15.Or, 

Feature #2: The CPU 

Another You can choose the CPU as the main feature of your device. The The CPU requirements vary depending on the use of the computer. Plex Server. Things Similar to the Property of the media, and how many people will have access to it Your Plex ServerThese factors, along with others, can influence which CPU will perform best. for you. However, the minimum required CPU to run Plex Server It is possible to Intel Core Or the equivalent. EssentiallyThis minimum requirement should be met by modern computers. 

Feature #3: RAM 

Apart Observe the RAM The size of your personal computer is important, as well as the type. RAMAs this is what determines the speed RAM. The Most common RAM In the market is DDR3, DDR4, DDR5, etc. The It is quicker RAMYou will have fewer lags with your computer’s operation. For The Plex Server To function you must be able to communicate effectively. At least 2GB RAMHowever, the more you can do it the sooner the RAMThe more, the better. A 2GB DDR5 RAM This is better than a DDR3 2GB. RAM. HoweverAim to purchase a new PC. Minimum 4GB RAM for Better performance

Feature #4: Storage 

Since If you plan to host your media content on the internet, it is essential that you have sufficient storage space. HoweverStorage units are a complicated topic. You have many choices. Two The SSD and HDD are two of the most popular storage devices. SSD is faster than regular hard drives HDDs are more expensive than HDDs, however HDDs can be cheaper than regular hard drives and offer more storage space.. If you can’t afford to buy a large SSD storage PC, you can buy one with just enough storage to hold basic application files, then Get a quick HDD. This You can also save some money while still having enough storage space for You will find what you are looking for. 


Additional Tip

You don’t compulsorily need a Hardware dedicated to GPU To use the Plex Server. HoweverA dedicated GPU is a great investment. for Hardware-accelerated transcoding. If If your computer’s processing power isn’t sufficient to handle the transcoding of media files, then you may experience slowdowns in your performance. Pausing and buffering The app still waits for The server will catch up.


Using The Plex Server This is the most effective way to see content. It doesn’t matter whether you are using the free or the paid version; you will surely get entertained. It Because it lets users host, is superior to other streaming services HenceThey are able to provide media content, without having their data consumption skyrocket from the uploading of that content. They They must link their device with the Plex Server Let the app do all the work. 

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