How Much Does the CPU Affect the FPS?


Everyone needs the finest expertise when gaming or doing something on the pc. However, the solely strategy to get the finest out of a pc is that if it has the proper {hardware}, like the CPU. Several elements can impression how easily a pc performs, and a type of elements is the frames per second (FPS). So, does your CPU have an effect on the FPS? 

Quick Answer

To some extent, the CPU in your pc impacts FPS provided that it’s a bottleneck. But the GPU has a larger affect on the FPS. When you pair the proper GPU to an applicable CPU, you’ll possible expertise as much as a 40% enhance in your FPS

However, the most important perform of the CPU is to course of directions primarily based on the consumer’s enter. So, putting in a extra highly effective CPU might not enhance your FPS by an incredible deal, however it should enhance the PC’s efficiency. Keep studying to study extra about the impact of CPU on FPS. 

Table of Contents

  1. Factors That Determine Whether the CPU Affects the FPS
    • Factor #1: GPU Bottleneck 
    • Factor #2: CPU Bottleneck 
  2. How To Improve the FPS
    • Tip #1: Hardware Tweak 
    • Tip #2: Software Tweak 
  3. Conclusion 
  4. Frequently Asked Questions 

Factors That Determine Whether the CPU Affects the FPS

If you need to enhance the FPS in your PC and you’re considering of upgrading your CPU, it’s an incredible transfer. However, before you purchase that upgraded CPU, a number of elements decide whether or not or not a CPU improve will enhance the FPS in your PC. 

The bottleneck is considered one of the most important elements that detects whether or not or not a CPU improve will likely be useful. The bottleneck is a scenario that happens when some elements in your PC carry out higher than others. As a end result, the quicker part waits for, the slower part to finish a course of. Since CPU and GPU are the most important elements that have an effect on FPS, under is how the bottleneck impacts these elements. 

Factor #1: GPU Bottleneck 

When you take a look at the GPU bottleneck in the sense that you’ve got a newer technology CPU and a slower or older technology GPU, the CPU will undergo from the GPU bottleneck. In different phrases, the CPU must look ahead to the GPU to finish processes earlier than it could actually ship extra information. 

When your PC is experiencing a GPU bottleneck, the CPU is not going to carry out effectively. Hence, your CPU often rises and falls after a sure stage. But your GPU will continuously be acting at its peak. In such a scenario, a CPU improve is not going to have an effect on the FPS any greater than it’s already. What you want is a GPU improve in addition the FPS. 

Factor #2: CPU Bottleneck 

If the case had been reversed and you’ve got a slower and older CPU in your PC and a quicker GPU, your PC will undergo from CPU bottleneck. In the case of a CPU bottleneck, the GPU will expertise numerous idle time ready for information from the CPU.  

In the case of a CPU bottleneck, your CPU utilization will continuously be excessive. Hence, upgrading your CPU will considerably enhance the FPS of your PC. Since your GPU shouldn’t be functioning optimally, a CPU improve will assist your PC sustain with the GPU. 

How To Improve the FPS

If the FPS of your PC isn’t at the stage you need, you’ll be able to enhance it. There are two methods you’ll be able to go about bettering your PC FPS. You can tweak {hardware} or software program in your PC to enhance the FPS. 

Tip #1: Hardware Tweak 

As we defined earlier, pay attention to {hardware} bottlenecks when upgrading {hardware}. When you want extra FPS out of your PC, upgrading particular {hardware} like your GPU, CPU, and RAM will help to enhance it. Also, overclocking your {hardware} may enable you to get extra out of it. And when you are contemplating making modifications to particular {hardware} in your PC, contemplate the cooling system to forestall overheating

Tip #2: Software Tweak 

Another sensible approach to enhance the FPS in your PC is by making modifications to already present elements. You can contemplate reducing the decision as this helps your PC course of fewer pixels, bettering the body charges. Updating your drivers may also assist increase the body fee. And lastly, contemplate performing a disk cleanup to take away system junk.  

Keep in Mind

It’s essential to notice that even with an incredible PC that produces a excessive FPS, your monitor can restrict the refresh fee if it doesn’t help it. 


Several different elements come to play when contemplating the quantity of FPS a PC produces. While your CPU can have an effect on the FPS of your PC, the diploma to which it influences it relies on your PC’s specs. And in case you want extra FPS out of your PC, keep in mind that other than making modifications to your {hardware}, it’s also possible to make software program modifications to already present elements. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Does your CPU GHz have an effect on the FPS? 

The clock velocity of your PC can affect the FPS of your PC, however there are extra elements to think about. For instance, a PC with a excessive clock velocity however fewer cores and threads won’t have as excessive an FPS as a PC with a decrease clock velocity and extra cores and threads. Hence, whether or not the clock velocity of your PC impacts FPS is marginal, as different important elements additionally come into play. 

Does CPU temperature have an effect on the FPS? 

Ideally, the rise and fall in the CPU’s temperature don’t straight impression the FPS the PC produces. However, when the temperature will get too excessive that it impacts the regular working of the CPU, then the CPU not working effectively is what impacts the FPS. However, such a scenario is rare as many CPUs are constructed with a mechanism that shuts the PC down mechanically when the temperature is simply too excessive. 

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